Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tug of War Between AIM & BNP; A serious Blow to Baloch National Resistance

The meeting between Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani and veteran Baloch nationalist leader Sardar Attaullah Mengal in Karachi earlier this week was aimed in creating rifts among the Balochs. the backlash of Sardar Mengal’s meeting culminated into a new phase of hatred and allegations between Anjuman-e-Itehad Marri (AIM) and Baloch National Party (BNP).
By initiating a series of statements against each other in the local newspapers, which are dominated by personal assaults on respected tribal elders, press secretaries of both parties have begun a more serious business which is more costly than even the loss caused by the 10 years of Punjabi army operation and the martyrdom of hundreds and thousands of Balochs. As that operation united the Balochs while this immature act of allegations and publishing statements against each other is dividing the Balochs.
This tug of war have given a Chance to the enemies of Baloch Nation to ridicule the Baloch Struggle and hit severe damage to the ideological Baloch Movement which initiated 6 decades Back against the illegal occupation of Pakistan over Baloch motherland.
One can never be able to deny the contribution of both Marri and Mengal tribes in Baloch movement of National Liberation during the 1970’s even today when marries have the control over the armed struggle and Mengals are facing the political front in the streets and mass mobilization front. Baloch Nation lost its two most valuable assets Shaheed Asadullah Mengal and Shaheed Balach Marri who were none other than the sons of the tribal chiefs of both tribes. Beside this these two tribes have sacrificed much more than once could imagine for Balochistan in terms of man and material even their women Zarina Marri and Shenaz Bibi are examples. The point is not that we are counting who has sacrificed more or less or who has contributed more and who did less, the point is that both tribes need to act wisely and do not destroy the unity among the ranks of Balochs.
One can easy judge the real hand behind the war of words between Marri and Mengal Tribes by reading carefully the statements. It seems that the immature and over smart spokesmen of BNP and AIM want to score points and destroy the Baloch National Resistance movement that took many years to reach at this stage, and Baloch Nation have never granted this right to either of them.
Therefore it is the call of the time and wisdom to stop this tug of war and act as civilized political groups/parties and have patience at least when Baloch nation is at war with its worst enemy because such irresponsible and immature attitude will demoralize the Baloch political activists but also disappoint those Baloch freedom fighters who have sacrificed all their lives and belongings and fighting a war with an enemy thousand time more powerful and well equipped. Such childish act of the “Big Ones” will end the Baloch nationalist struggle in a painful catastrophe. We humbly request both the sides to immediately stop this abusive campaign against each other. Balochistan is already burning and it cannot afford any kind of dispute among its political forces which give some hope to the people of this impoverished province. We equally appeal to both the sides to respect each others’ mode of struggle.

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  1. I do not think this should be called a cold war between Marri and Mengal tribes. In my understanding it is just some as you describe "over smart people" like Habib Jalib, Sana and Ghulam Nabi Marri and there must some armature people on the other side (AIM) as well. There this game of words will not do any damage to Baloch (National) movement as Baloch nation today is mature enough to understand the difference between right and wrong.
    In my point of view the BNP is wrong as first they did secret negotiations and secondly they unleashed an inappropriate campaign against Marri Itehad after the AIM commented on negotiations or the visit between Sardar Mengal and Gilani. In their statement they categorically mentioned Gazaini Marri and praised the Hazar Khan. This explains their intentions to divide the Marri tribe into different sections. They are also intentionally trying to provoke Hairbiyar Marri by repeatedly mentioning his name and the London trial in their in their statements. We the people of Baluchistan very well know the weight of BNP; they are losing the ground and hence intentionally targeting one of the most sincere and convicted tribe of Baloch Nation.
    There are some black sheep (as mentioned above) who do not want unity among Baloch people. BNP should either get rid of them of see their party tarnishing because these people do not care for anyone but for themselves. Sana’s separate website, setting an account on youtube and putting on his own speech etc are evident of his sincerity towards BNP. Also we should not forget that he refused to resign after the murder of Nawab Bugti. His excuse was that Pakistan is not accepting his resignation (like today’s magsi who is playing the same drama). He only resigned when he was sure that his tenure is going to end and there is no hope for him to become senator again.