Sunday, August 8, 2010

Phony Human Rights activist – conmen or genuine?

It was end of 2005 when we first heard of the Idea of first Independent Balochi Language TV Channel, and the man behind this idea was student of Chartered Accountancy, Mr. Munir Mengal, who was doing his internship in State Bank of Pakistan. The idea was need of the time and got much appreciation and popularity among Baloch circles. This reaction encouraged Munir Mengal to initiate his charity campaign for the Baloch Voice TV. The campaign for funds mobilization included Musical Shows, donations, and controversial pre-corporation share sales. Everything was going well, millions of rupees were collected for the channel, when all of the sudden Munir Mengal was arrested at Karachi Airport and then made disappeared by Military Intelligence of Pakistan, Hence the story of Baloch Voice TV ended forever.

In 2009 Munir Mengal was highlighted in media once again, when he described the tales of torture and specially revealing the story of Mrs. Zarina Marri, he repeated the same statement in a British Court.

Initially everyone started getting inspired by the tales of Munir mengal and his dedication towards Baloch National Liberation, but with the passage of time the true face of Munir started getting exposed.

Before talking about his dirty games he is playing these days let us bring his past:

Munir Mengal who claims to be the Managing Director of a TV channel which never existed as well as he claims to be a Chartered Accountant a degree which he never completed, and says that he was an ex-employee of State Bank of Pakistan whereas in reality he was just a Internee for a period of 4 months in the Bank.

Munir Mengal is an example of perfect opportunist, he never lets any chances go in vain, he used to live in Karachi during his student life as a Paying guest, according to his friends he married the divorced daughter of the landlord in order to save himself from rent and the accommodation, breakfast, dinner and laundry expenses. In 2005, Munir Mengal issued several credit cards and leased a Suzuki Jeep from bank and never returned the dues of the banks, and hence he was declared absconder by the banks, his close friends who always helped Munir at the time of need became victim of Munir’s frauds because he made him his guarantor for issuance of credit cards and leased vehicle. Munir left Pakistan and went to Dubai in order to avoid any possible prosecution by the banks in forgery cases. Soon Munir returned from Dubai with an Idea of deceiving the Baloch Nation.

An opportunist he was it took him no time in analyzing the need of a Balochi language TV channel for the Baloch Movement for national liberation. He started a Campaign promoting his idea, held meetings with different political parties to get their support but he failed to convince them. When he failed to influence the mainstream political parties he targeted student parties, and he choose BSO Muthida (Now Azad), because of their strong attachment towards liberation of Balochistan. Munir started playing with their emotions and hence convince them to help Munir in his charity Campaign. He collected Millions in the name of Baloch Voice TV, the fate of which is never known to anyone except Munir. He was arrested from Karachi by Pakistani agencies and was made disappeared for few months and later he was handed over to police in Qalat. The police kept in a jail in Khuzdar. Eventually Munir was released on bail, soon after his release Munir went underground and no one heard from him until he surfaced in Dubai from where he chose France for asylum with the assistance of Reporters Without borders.

The witty and Opportunist Munir played his cards very well so far. Even at present he is busy exploiting Baloch liberation Movement for his own interest. He met the Indian guys Nagesh Bhusahn and Sushant Sareen, and gave a plan of creating a pressure group against Bramdagh Bugti and Hairbiar Marri, and assured the Indians that he will act as a proxy for them which the Bugti and Marri refused to do so. Hence he convinced the Indians with his magic of imposture to pay him a huge amount of money in the name of a so called Baloch conference in Bangkok. Munir along with his New Indian friends planned Bangkok Conference in which a new breed of Indian influenced leaders were to be produced in front of the world, the leaders who are merely individuals and have no political background inside Balochistan. According to Munir’s own words he took 60,000/- Euros from Indians for the Bangkok conference and he receives monthly salary from Nagesh & Sushant for doing propaganda against genuine Baloch leadership and Baloch freedom struggle.

Son of ex-guerilla commander and current Sobidar of Pakistan Levis force guarding Chamalang coal mines, Mr Jumma Marri, recently made some chilling revelations about Mr. Accountant Mengal that “Munir is a very clever man, he assured Indians that he can break BNM and make his own fraction which will act as a political front for the Indian brand leader as well he can split off BLF which will act as a militant wing of the Indian branded Baloch Resistance.”

Another sinister yet very serious revelation Jumma made is that “The Indian friends and ICRC are helping Munir Mengal to counter Baluch National Leader Khair Bux Marri”. Since the allegation against ICRC as an International Humanitarian Organisation is a very serious one and it make one wonder why would such an Organization help Munir to weaken Baluch cause? We have, so far, failed to find an answer to this Question. We think it would be wise for ICRC to come clean on such allegations and to clear their stance on Baluch issue, is the ICRC there to help the needy Baluch or is it there to promote Munir Mengal and counter Baluch freedom struggle?

Despite his failed attempts of being an International spokesperson of BNM (Baluch National Movement). Munir faced serious blow when the BNM exposed Munir Mengal’s lies and categorically denied having any links with Munir Mengal. As furious as one would expect him to be, Mr. Munir came up the idea of breaking BNM and he started spreading rumors of creating the so called BNM (Naztiyati). He sent several e-mails to his contacts and published a fake statement on Nagish’s weblog for his dirty game.

This failure brought Munir to a low level propaganda against the Baloch leadership. Currently Munir is busy in new rounds of conspiracy to earn more money and guess what? Munir is using a New name “Baloch Voice Foundation” for all these anti Baluch activities. Recently Munir claimed in Yahoo groups that he sent a team of doctors to Baluchistan’s Kacchi region where a mysterious has killed 10s of Baluch children in past few years. We have also been informed that one of the new dramas of Munir is: that he is trying to take the issue of Baluch disappeared persons case with ICJ and he claimed to have hired a team of lawyers for this purpose, obviously this a new way of getting sympathy and financial support from the Baluch people and milk more money from the International Humanitarian Organization in the name of Baluch disappeared persons, Baluch fatally ill children etc.

In the light of above details regarding Munir past and present one can easily conclude that Munir is neither a Human Rights activist nor a Political leader of Baluchistan. He is nothing but a conmen collecting funds for his own vested interests in the name of Human Rights and being so called political representative of the Baluch people.

International Baluch Human Right groups such as BHRC and BHRW that they have failed to raise the issue of Human Rights Violation in Baluchistan on International forums which is giving an opportunity to conmen like Munir Mengal and others to run fake foundations in the name of Baluch forcefully displaced person, Baluch disappeared people and Baluch Martyrs.

Baloch Nation should be aware of the real motives of Munir Mengal and others like him, and should not give them the chance to sabotage the successes the Baloch movement gained due to the sacrifices of Baloch sons and daughters. The blood of Baloch Martyrs should not be wasted for the personal gains of people like Munir Mengal, Suleman Dawood, and Tariq Sabro & Mir Hazar Khan Ramkani.


  1. Amazing... Baluch are good at pulling one and other's leg.

  2. great. baloch people do not know the reality of these frauds. we are thankful to Balochistan watch to unfolded the true story of traitors of motherland.

  3. Is There any Reality in this????????

  4. Its All Real if you want you will get proves

  5. Just ask Munir About the 8 Million he collected by selling the Shares and collecting donations.


  7. Another Fraud of Munir Family

    when ISI and MI death squad ''Musalah Difa Tanzeem'' attacked the cultural event of Bso Azad gathering in khudzar in which many activist of Bso azad injured,then someone started a donation compaign through sms messages for a specific bank account,which is later found out to be Dr Ali Akbar's who is the younger brother of Munir Mengal.The collected donations never reached to the victims.