Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Balochistan or Baloch-Pashtun Province

Balochistan, along with the Khyber Pakthunkwa are the victims of an imaginary line, called Durand Line, which was described by Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president as the “line of Evil”. In deed that line signifies both the British and Pakistani imperialism that have subjugated the Baloch and the Pashtuns.
In 1893, the Afghan and British governments agreed to demark a 2,450-kilometer (1,519 miles) long border dividing British India and Afghanistan. The signatory of the document, known as The Durand Line Agreement, were Amir Abdur Rahman Khan, ruler of Afghanistan, and Sir Henry Mortimer Durand, the foreign secretary of the British Indian government. After a series of battles and false treaties signed by the British, ‘The Durand Line Agreement’ of 1893 divides boundaries between three sovereign countries, namely Afghanistan, Balochistan and British India. According to that agreement Britain had taken a lease of the area in N.W.F.P and Balochistan, without the knowledge of Balochistan. Sir Durand gave verbal assurance to Afghanistan that the lease will last until 1993, but in the written agreement there is no mention of it. Otherwise just like Hong Kong, N.W.F.P would have gone back to Afghanistan in 1993.
The Durand Line Agreement should be a trilateral agreement and it legally required the participation and signatures of all three countries. However, the clever British drawn the agreement bilaterally between Afghanistan and British India only, and it intentionally excluded Balochistan. Thus, Balochistan has never accepted the validity of the Durand Line. The British, under false pretenses, assured the Afghan rulers that Balochistan was part of British India, and therefore, they were not required to have the consent of anyone from Balochistan to agree on demarking borders. Meanwhile, the British kept the Baloch rulers in the dark about the Durand Line Agreement to avoid any complications. According to International Law, all affected parties are required to agree to any changes in demarking their common borders. Hence, under the rules of demarking boundaries of the International Law, the Agreement of Durand Line was in error, and thus, it was null and void as soon as it was signed.
Also, International Law states that boundary changes must be made among all concerned parties; and a unilateral declaration by one party has no effect. However, the British government disregarding the objection of Afghanistan gave away the N.W.F.P to Pakistan after a fraud plebiscite. However, it never gave Baluchistan to Pakistan in the same way the British never gave away Jammu & Kashmir to India.

The Implications of Durand Line in Balochistan:
The Durand line not only divided the Baloch and Afghan Countries but also creating confusions and differences between the people living in the Pakistan occupied Balochistan. Due to this Imaginary boundary which was never accepted by Baloch nation is today creating rifts among the Baloch and Pashtuns/Afghans.
Baloch Nation is fighting a war of independence against Pakistani occupation, and Baloch should expect support of their Pashtun brothers who are for generation living side by side with the Baloch and millions of Afghans refugees were supported and accommodated in Balochistan after the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. The same Afghan Refugees illegally through bribery and support of Pakistani Authorities got the nationality of Pakistan and are now siding against Baloch Nation.
In past few years one can observe the negative role Pashtuns of Balochistan against Baloch movement.

Pashtun don’t let any chance of defaming Baloch Cause go unturned, just for instance we never find the Pashtuns protesting the massacre of Baloch political activists or Baloch women and children, but if in reaction to the murder of Baloch a Punjabi settler is killed, the Pashtun start a planned campaign to condemn the killing of a Punjabi, similarly the afghans are using the name of BLA to threat the Punjabi settlers in Balochistan in order to buy their property at a cheaper price. In this way not only the afghan are buying property in Quetta but also defaming Baloch nation for being barbarian and violent against civilians.
Similarly we see the Pashtun leaders calling Balochistan as Baloch Pashtun province and showing their hatred towards Baloch nation by not even tolerating the name Balochistan, in the same way wherever the word Balochistan is used in a institute or something these racist Pashtuns try to ignore it or use any other word instead, just for example University of Balochistan is referred as Quetta University, whereas the official name of the institute is University of Balochistan.
Mehmood Khan Achakzai in his interview claimed the right of Pashtuns over Quetta, Sibi and Bolan, ignoring the historical background and demographic realities. This is deliberate attempt to blackmail Baloch leadership at a time when Baloch are at war with Pakistan’s mighty army and intelligence agencies. Sibi was the capital of Mir Chakar Rind and winter capital of Kalat State, with majority population of Baloch.
Pakistan occupied Balochistan is comprised of 30 district out of which only districts are Pashtun populated whereas 21 belong to Baloch, and still the Pashtuns claim to be in majority of the population of Balochistan.
Each year on 14th of August Balochistan observe the day as Black day, even the Punjabi settlers do not raise Pakistani flags in Balochistan, but the Pashtuns intentionally challenge Baloch and raise Pakistani flags on their homes. Moreover recent statements and the planned attack on Baloch Students in University of Balochistan and Agriculture Collage, shows the real intentions of Pashtuns.
Pashtuns of Balochistan are playing in the hands of Punjabis for protecting their interests and have their shares of the resources of Balochs.
It’s the time for Balochs to realize the evil faces of Pashtuns and that they are not the well-wishers of Balochs, but taking advantage of the situation and exploiting the rights of Baloch people.


  1. FIrst you are that much brave even you have not mentioned your name,Although yopu are claims agaist punjabi is right but it is not a way to be independent. If you want to talk with me so search me on face book with name of Saeed kha Achikzai. You are claiming about the names of Istitutes in Pashtoon Baloch Province. Why you people are giving us the lives. When we are facing the world chalenges so you can not face the challenge of Punjab ALAS!

  2. We the non-Pashtun of Afghanistan always pray and wish for the Independence of Baluchistan. All the Pashtun leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistans are servants of Punjabi rulers of fascist state of Islamabad. Pashtuns Taliban fight the Tajiks in Afghanistan by the order of ISI.
    Here I leave you with an academic written of a Tajik professor on Durrand Line.

  3. totally wrong history, why you missed history of Quetta,the homeland of pushtoons, sibbi is historic city of pushtoons, the name referred to sibbi in balochi literature is that of Dasht, Dasht is urs but please dont claim Sibbi,
    we need not Dasht and Bolan districts. Secondly we also fight against punjabi but in a different way. we pray you get independence, but we want to remain with the rest of pushtoonkhwa and will await a time when our Homeland Afghanistan gets strength and then Greater Afghanistan emerges

  4. @Zhobie
    Beside Blackmailing there is no other evidence with the toe lickers of Punjabies that Sibi Belongs to them, Historically Sibi was winter Capital of Balochistan, even today the Fort of Sardar Chakar is standing their to deny the lies shouted by the Punjabi slave patans.

    Secondly Quetta was Part of Balochistan till the Britishers occupied it and latered leased it, the amount of the lease of quetta, Chagai, Bolan, Sibi etc all went to Khan of Kalat not the rulers of Afghanistan, If you are talking about history then bring it with reference and logic, just dont shout like a ignorant freak.

  5. You are showing a very typical gester of oppurtunist Pashtoons, who are always take side where they see benefit and money, you are claiming that the pashtoon will lick the punjabi toes till the day Greater afghanisan emerges from nowhere, why dont you abondon the punjabies today and join the struggle to make the greater afghanistan, instead fighting the natural ally Baloch why dont you gyz join hands.

  6. @Anonymous (Saeed kha Achikzai)

    I dont know what service i would render to you if i tell you my name, other than that, if you talk about durand line, then its not only the pashtoons who lost their land and faced the division of tribes, but it happened with Balochs as well, a sgnificant area belonging to balochs went with afghanistan. Secondly we are not against Paktunkwah or Janubi Pashtunkwah, but not at the cost of Baloch Land. so do wat you want to do, but on your own land without raising eyes towards our areas.

  7. Pashtuns love Pakistan, Majority of Pashtuns live in Pakistan. If they did a census today they would find 8 million pashtuns in Karachi, 1 million in Lahore. 40% of Pakistan army is pashtun. If Pakistan breaks we will be the biggest losers.
    Pashtun Zindabad
    Pakistan Paindabad

  8. Sara Why don't you forget to mention that when Baloch were struggling during 1970s, It was Zulfiqar Bhutto, a Sindhi, who crushed the indipendence movement of Balochisht through miltary invasion.You should also dijest the fact that at that time Nawab Akbar Bugti was Governer of Balochistan and licking boots of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Are you ready to call him as " Ghaddar" . The fact is, all are oppertunist and united for theit vested interest.Why Baloch Leaders accept offices of Pakistan as Governer, CM, Ministers and Officers.Zafrullah Jamali did his education in Punjab. They only mis direct the baloch youth and only use for their interest.Pashtuns have realistic approach and i am also a Pashtun. Baloch and Pashtun are two major tribes of Pakistan. Do you know that 70% south Punjab is Baloch populated and more than 50% Sindh is Baloch Populated??. We don't need to break Pakistan, whole Pakistan is ours.

  9. New generation of pashtuns HATE pakistan, we support our balochi brothers & sisters, the balochi freedom fighters. The upcoming generation of minorities in PK should STAND togheter because of LOYALTY, LOVE & COMMON DREAM, not money or fame. We want you to have Azad Balochistan and we want Azad Pashtunistan. I dont care what any of you say, Pashtun..Baloch, we stand together..the youth of upcoming generation will prove this! Zindabad Pashtunistan, Zindabad Balochistan, Zindabad Afghanistan.

    1. totally wrong. We the new generation of pashtuns are more loyal to Pakistan than our previous forefathers.

  10. we pashtons and balochs are one that is it