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Sardar and Baloch Nation

Baloch have always lived in a tribal and nomadic society where the appointed someone as Head/Leader of the tribe who was competent and wise enough to lead the tribe during a conflict and hardship. With the passage of time the tribes grew larger so did the powers of the Leader of the tribe. In Baloch traditions the Sardar (Leader) was always selected on democratic principles and he was selected on the mutual consensus of all people of the tribe. The role and responsibilities of a Sardar were very various which included: Protection of the rights of the tribe, Protection of the rights of every individual of the tribe, keeping the diplomatic relationships with other tribes, Conflict resolution within the tribe and with other tribes and taking care of needs of the tribe specially the widowed women and orphanage children.

With passage of time the Sardar got stronger and as a result the democratic selection of a Sardar was replaced by hereditary. Which was the first step turning a Sardar into a monarch/dictator, with absolute powers to rule the tribe. The institution of a Sardar remained loyal to his tribe and he was bound to protect the rights and interests of his tribe and made alliances with other tribes keeping in view interests of his tribe.

During the Period of Sardar Chakar Azam, all Baloch tribes rallied under his flag and from tribe took the form of a confederation and formed a State. Unfortunately this first Baloch state was destroyed due to the rivalry and personal skirmish of Sardar Chakar Rind and Sardar Gwahram Lashari, by fighting a 40 years long war. Later a confederation of tribes was formed by a Sardar from Qambarani Tribe by Abdullah Qahar and strengthened by His son Khan Nasir Khan, who was recognized as the leader of all tribes of Balochs and all Sardars adhered their loyalty to him, hence the First Baloch State with the name of Balochistan was formed. The Sardars of different tribes represented their tribes and were bound to provide man and material at the time of war to the Khan of Kalat.

With the advent of Britishers in Balochistan (British Balochistan) the Sardari System was corrupted to a maximum level in order to control the Baloch Nation, Sardars were provided with incentives, money and titles in order to buy their loyalties in favor of British slavery, except few most of the Sardars sold their loyalty and played for the interests of the Britishers. Today if we compare the Sardari System in the areas under British Balochistan and those under Khanate we find the Sardari system still very strong under the British Balochistan.

Due to these Sardars it became possible for the British Occupiers of Balochistan to strengthen their grip over Balochistan, and after the Britishers it was again the same Sardars who conspired against the independent Baloch State and helped Punjabis to occupy Balochistan, Sardars like Jam of Lesbela, Nawab of Kharan, and Nawab of Makuran will never be forgiven in Baloch history for their extremely dirty role in making secret deal with Pakistan for enslavement of Baloch Nation.

Baloch Nation will also not forgive the Khan of Kalar Ahmedyar Khan of cowardly accepting the forced accession of Balochistan. Ahmedyar Khan also served in British army as a paid soldier and was involved in the operation against Baloch Freedom Fighter Shaheed Mir Ali Dost Mengal, it is said that when Mir Ali dost was arrested badly wounded and brought for medical assistance Ahmedyar Khan visited him, where Mir Ali Dost Mengal spitted on the face of Ahmedyar Khan for his undignified and coward act of fighting for the occupiers as a paid soldier. After the start of military onslaught and genocide of Baloch Nation on 1973-77 Nawab Akber Khan Bugti resigned from the post of Governorship, but Khan Ahmedyar Khan accepted the position and exposed his real evil face of being an anti-Baloch. His grandson Khan Suleman Dawood and his brothers had kept the legacy of their Grandfather in weakening and harming Baloch nation by conspiring with the occupiers of Balochistan. Grand Baloch Jirga and Bangkok Conference are examples of their negative role in Baloch Politics.

During the same period one finds another opportunist and greedy tribal chieftain Sardar Dooda Khan Zehri who played the role of biggest enemy of Baloch Nation just to appease his master’s i.e. Punjabi occupation forces. His sons kept his legacy and are still playing a similar role till date by breaking Baloch Political Parties and dividing Baloch nation. Sardar Sana ullah Zehri the eldest son of Sardar Doda Khan, had recently break all records of shamelessness by joining PML (N) and collaborating with the Pro Punjabi domination political party.

Nawab Zada Changaiz Marri is an active member of Pro Punjabi Domination Party PML (N), one wonders of the situation when Changaiz Marri will lead the tribe.

It’s time for the Baloch Nation for taking the final decision against tribal system and get rid of Sardars, it’s the only way to get rid of their miseries and rise as sovereign Nation on the map of World.

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  1. that is true. and baloch people should get rid of the outfit sardar and sardari system. sardars and nobles have no place in modern balochi society.