Friday, October 15, 2010

Drug Mafia and National Party

"I started my politcal carrer with gaus bux bizanjo and i m follower of his ideology and our ideolgy is same thats why i m joing National pary" IMAM BIZANJO (BHIL)

Mr.Imam Bheel is the world 3rd most wanted Drug Dealer, the details about this person can be found on following website:

National Party is financed by such drug dealers, in return National Party will protect politically, or perhaps one day this drug dealer may reach parliment and become Home Minister of Balochistan under the banner of National Party. Late Leader of National Party Mr Moula Bakash Dashthi was against the induction of Imam Bheel in the Party, which annoyed Imam Bhel and those other senior members who received expensive gifts from the drug mafia murdered Maula Bakash Dashthi and blamed the murder on BLF & Dr Allah Nazar. Hence killing two Birds with one arrow, removed the hurdle and pleasing ISI.

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  1. There was a time when people in Makran called Imam Bheel the biggest drug smuggler and avoided even changing their punctured tyres in front of his castle lest somebody saw them and thought they might be coming out of Imam Bheel's house. He went out of his house only in extreme necessity in a vehicle covered with black glasses and hugely guarded by his personal body guards or protected by Makran Scouts in civilian dress. Even his closest friends in Turbat avoided saying hello to him when they saw him in public as he was so notorious and had such a bad name. But, this was all before the formation of the notoriuos NP formed by the ISI and MI who had their men as leaders in both parties, Hasil Bizenjo and Dr Malik especially. Soon they took dictations from their masters and washed all evils of this world fame drug mafia leader. Now he dares giving political speeches in public and vows for a democratic change in Pakistan along with NP. Even before all this, Musharaf made his milk-suckling son a MNA and Dr Malik's NP openly supported him in Makran. Maula Bakhsh Dashti and other leaders openly worked for him as per the orders of their patrons in Islamabad. The most wanted drug dealer of the world (US has black listed 4 world top drug smugglers, three from south America and the fourth one is this Imam Bheel, now baptised as Imam Bizenjo). Imam Bheel has been the chief financer of NP for a long time, earlier in secret and now in public. As to Maula Bakhsh Dashti, it is not true that he was against the induction of Imam Bheel in NP. Late Dashti was a close ally of Paki military and took dictations from them supporting them boldly in public. He taught loyalty to Pakistan in his study circles and could not oppose his nation's armed forces, it was natural. He openly criticised Baloch nationalism and thought that Baloch had a future only in Pakistan. His and his fellow party leaders most effective propaganda is that Baloch independence movement is a collective suicide and those who raise a voice against the state of Pakistan want to throw the Baloch into a collective punishment and suicide. The best for Baloch, he and his party leaders propagated, was to strive with Pakistani left to bring a democratic change in Pakistan (this was Mr Dashti's opinion right from the early days of his political life and never changed throughout). The reaction of the NP on recent Mashkey army invasion was that "it was the reaction of your advanced slogans (blaming those who call for Baloch freedom)" thus justifying the army operation in Mashkey and giving all the responsibility to Baloch freedom-loving forces. What else can you expect from such a party?