Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do you want a civil war?

 By Nizar Baloch

"Do you want a civil war?" Was the question which broke India and created Pakistan, the mistake which the world is still paying for? Mahatma Gandhi was a man of peace and believed in “ahimsa” and practiced it. He agreed to swallow the bitter pill from Jinnah and accepted Pakistan as a separate state, just to avoid a civil war and the bloodshed. But what we see is that the bloodshed wasn't avoided at that time, and worse, the bloodshed still didn't stop after 63 years from the separation.

Now, we should ask ourselves, which one would have been a better choice and would have caused less bloodshed and less damage to India and the world, a civil war at that time or the creation of Pakistan?
We all want peace, but not at any cost. When it comes to losing our identity and our motherland, then we prefer the war. The war is the price for the peace in occupied lands, and it has been proven all around the world in every era and by all the colonies from Asia, Africa, and South America and to the USA itself which fought for its freedom and then it fought another war for uniting the South with the North. If none of these wars were wrong despite the heavy causalities, then how come our movement for independent Balochistan could be wrong? If they all have the right to fight the colonial powers for their independence, then why don’t we have the same right? If they were freedom fighters, then our Sarmachars are freedom fighters too. If today, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Che Guevara, Abraham Lincoln and other freedom fighters are national heroes, then why Nawab Bugti, Nawab Mari, Balaach Mari,Brahamdagh Bugti, Dr. Allah Nizar, Dr Khalid, Wahid Qambar, Abdul Nabi Bangulzai, Hairbyar Mari and all other freedom movement supporters are not heroes?

If the world helped and supported these nations to become free and independent nations, then the civilised world is obliged to support the Baloch nation according to the UN charters to get its freedom and stop the slow genocide and save the valuable lives which the Pakistani agencies torturing them to the death and then throwing their bodies on the streets.

Before we talk about the civil war and how to avoid it, let’s see if we are actually heading to a civil war and who is causing it and how?

The Baloch nation has been in war with Pakistan since it attacked and occupied Balochistan in 1948, the war which we didn’t choose to have, it was imposed on us by Pakistan and its agencies. This is the fifth major military operation by Pakistan in Balochistan. The Pakistani agencies are kidnapping, torturing and killing our loved ones with the support of some sold Baloch items. Thousands of Baloch men, women and children lost their lives during the torture and in the military, FC and police bombardments and firings.

We all hold the Pakistani government fully responsible for the military operation in Balochistan and all the damages it is causing to Baloch and Balochistan. Pakistan pulled us to the war by occupying our homeland and looting our resources and then kidnapping, torturing and killing whoever resists their colonial plans. Pakistani military, FC, Police, Levis, ISI, MI and its provincial and federal parliaments are all part of the same Pakistani government and they all share the responsibility of the military operation in Balochistan and martyrdom of our loved ones. If anybody, be a Punjabi, Pashtun, Sindhi or Baloch takes part in the Pakistani government or helps it in a way or another by providing information or logistic support to function and harm the Baloch nation, should be held fully responsible for his crimes and should not be spared.

If the UN charter and Geneva Convention allow you to target the army in the war, then what stops us from targeting the army men in civvies? Whoever is on the army or its agencies pay cheque is a legitimate target and there should be no exception to this rule. Being born in a Baloch house or having a Balochi name should not give anybody the immunity from punishment for the crimes he commits.

Unfortunately, after 63 years, the followers of Jinnah joined the war by supporting the Pakistani government on its crimes against the Baloch nation. Being the follower of Jainnah and his Pakistan, they are still using his techniques and questions and threatening our “Mahatma Gandhi” of a civil war and trying to take advantages from our kindness and the respect we have for the Baloch name, to cover their crimes against the Baloch nation and Balochistan.

Should targeting Hazar Khan with his 1000 Levis cause a civil war? Or killing the NP leader and underworld don Imam Bhill and his supporters become the reason for a civil war? No, because they are already engaged in an open war against the Baloch nation, then why and how on earth, cleaning our motherland from these traitors will bring a civil war? As BSO chairman sangat Bashir Zaib said: “If fighting the Pakistani government and its agencies is not a civil war, then how come fighting their supporters would be a civil war?” The person who is not against the military operation, he is with it.

It is our right and responsibility to defend ourselves, our families, friends and our motherland against the invaders and the traitors, it doesn't matter who they are. If the parliamentarians are sincere and they don't want a war (I don’t call it a civil war), then they should walk out from the parliament and never go back. Because they can't be sitting in the Pakistani parliament and be part of the operation against the Baloch nation and expect not to be punished. If they want to be Pakistanis because they like the colour of the Pakistani money and take part, support, approve, defend or keep a blind eye on kidnapping and killing of innocent Baloch people, then they should be ready to get treated like Pakistanis and pay the price for their crimes. And they should be men enough to face the consequences of their crime and stop crying and confusing the nation and threatening them of a civil war.

I request all the Baloch people to boycott the Pakistani government, its parliament, its forces and its supporters. Be a Baloch and support Balochistan. And I request all Sarmachar and their supporters to be ready for the war, if they want peace. The person who takes part in the military operation and in kidnapping, torturing and killing of innocent Baloch people is not a Baloch, and killing him will not cause a civil war. The supporters of the Pakistani government and the parliament are Pakistanis, not Baloch, don’t hesitate to target them. These traitors are causing more damage than all the Pakistani agencies, so why should they be spared?
I end this with a nice poem of the great Baloch poet waja Atta Shad and some proverbs to read and think about.

“ tu bugush harchi o man hichi magushan bot na kant, tu bekan kahr o manan mehr bibit, chosh na bit”


  1. I am a Kashmiry but still my identity is not lost.I proud to be a Pakistani first and then Sindi,Balochi,Kashmiry or whatever i am is the second priority.So you guys must change your mind i am not asking change your identity.

  2. Well Mr. Mansoor, I know dozen of Kahmiries who prefer to be known as a Kashmiri rather than a Pakistani or Indian. Even i met some Kashmiri Students and friends who wish to liberate Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Indian occupied Kashmir and make a new independent state of Kashmir.

    Secondly, Baloch is a Separate Nation, and we are proud to be Baloch rather than a unnatural and low grade name known to be Pakistan. So better keep your advice with you we don't need them.