Friday, March 19, 2010

ISI Led Cyber war against Baloch Freedom Struggle

It’s an old Saying “Truth is the first victim of War”. And this is what, is the basis of enemy propaganda against Baloch Liberation Movement on print and Electronic Media. This article is meant to highlight the main attempts to defame Baloch struggle over internet in past few years. After the strict censorship and onslaught imposed on local electronic and print media by government of Pakistan, The Baloch National liberation movement was introduced through the medium of internet, fresh photographs and videos of the army operation over Balochs, the incident of 17th March 2005, human rights violation, torture videos and other crimes against humanity committed by Punjabi/Irani army against the Baloch Nation were exposed by some of the genuine Baloch Nationalist Websites like,,, etc. Some of these websites became so much famous that Pakistani agencies tried to hack them or attack the server and as a result many good websites were permanently closed whereas others were banned in Pakistan and PTA blocked them. But these websites didn’t stopped working and kept on exposing the dirty face of Punjabi and Irani occupiers, which resulted in a new strategy of deception and propagation of false information about Baloch Struggle started Lets us point out different attempts one by one:..

Creation of Fake Baloch Nationalist Websites:

In order to propagate false and deceiving information about Baloch struggle, many fake Baloch nationalist websites were created by ISI Paid Agents and technicians, the main aim of these websites was to slow poison the brains of young Balochs who are immature and cannot differentiate between the genuine websites and the ISI paid agents websites. These websites were primarily aimed to defame the Baloch leadership and create misunderstandings against them. The two most prominent ISI led websites are BSO-NA.ORG and The apparent owners of both of these websites are not computer literate and belong to families well known association with ISI/MI and Punjabi establishment.

The core objective of these websites was to defame and create misunderstanding among the Baloch resistance leadership, one such attempt was creating difference between Shaheed Balach Marri and Bramdagh Khan Bugti after the Martyrdom of Nawab Akber Khan Bugti Shaheed. Dr Wahid of tried to portray this incident as revenge by Marri tribesmen against the Bugti Chief in reference to his role in 1970’s army operation (Similar comments were produced by the spokesmen of ISPR of Pakistan army after the incident). Dr Wahid forgot that Shaheed Balach Marri and Bramdagh Bugti are like brothers to each other and the comments of Dr Wahid seemed childish to everyone.

Similarly Dr Jumma Khan son of Hazar Khan, owns a website named as, which I solely created to spread misinformation against Nawab Khairbakash Marri and his sons, and also create a bad image of Baloch National Liberation Movement.

Defaming the Baloch National liberation Movement

There were several different attempt were made by ISI and their agent to defame Baloch National Resistance movement by creating different blogs and website for spreading misinformation regarding the movement. Oen such story was the Tale of Two ex-KGB spies Sasha and Masha. The website which was supposedly a central asian megazine’s official website was registered by a firm situated on Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi and a person named Afzal Khan registered it. The same story was propogated in many other megazines famous among ISI trained Alqida and Thaliban Members, in order to portray Baloch National resistance movement as a proxy of Indian Hindus. So that the Jihadies, could be mobilized against the Baloch Freedom Fighters.

After this attempt was failed by some Baloch intellectuals by exposing the real origin of the website, the Pakistani agents adopted a new strategy and creation of Fake Organization with the name of Government of Balochistan in Exile was announced and a blog was made demonstrating it to be the official website of GOB (Exile). The main objective of this drama was to make other Islamic nations/countries angry against Balochs and also create misunderstanding among the religious minded Balochs about the Baloch national liberation Movement. The chairperson of this organization called himself Azad Baloch and claimed to be a Jewish Baloch residing in Israel, but he forget to change his phone number and country code which was from USA, and hence the person behind this drama was exposed and his name was Dr Wahid who is also running another such website

The same group of ISI paid agents including Dr Jumma and Dr Wahid created many other blogs and ran many other campaigns in order to defame the Baloch resistance movement. We find an Indian with the name of Nagesh a close friend of Dr Wahid aiding them in this dirty game. It was Nagesh who published the interview of Dr Wahid on many blogs and websites to portray him as a potential Baloch leader, one such attempt was the hilarious web poll created by a website apparently owned by Dr Wahid, in which Dr Wahid was shown the most popular leader contrary to the fact that Nagesh is the only person who is in deep love with Dr Wahid.

Misinformation Campaign over Mailing list and Yahoo Groups:

Recently one can see a massive flow of abusive and mis-informative posts against Baloch leadership like Dr Allah Nazar, Bramdagh Bugti, Hairbiar Marri and Ghulam Muhammad Baloch. These posts are usually originated from yahoo groups mailing lists controlled by Dr Jumma and Dr Wahid. These post include misleading information regarding the chain of events in order to demoralize the youth from the national movement and to create misunderstanding against the genuine leadership. One such topic which is written by Dr Jumma is also copy pasted and repeatedly posted on these groups is the return of Marri Tribes after the long exile in Afghanistan, the point which is highlight in this post is the return of Nawab Marri in an Army C-130 Plane. But the writer completely neglects the fact that his father Mir Hazar Khan is taking salary from Punjabies for protecting the Pathan Coal miners in Chamalang Area of Balochistan. He also fails to justify his own position of owning properties in Russia, when everyone knows that his father didn’t had this much money in past.

How to counter such propaganda?

This is a question which every true Baloch should ask and every true Baloch should act to fail the attempts of the enemy to defame and mislead the youth.

I am leaving this question Blank for the Baloch Youth to answer and act:


  1. There is no doubt that Dr Wahid blackend his face when he posted abusive remarks against the martyrs of Murghab G.M Baloch, Lala Munir Baloch, and Sher Mohammad Baloch. Dr Wahid was also involved in propaganda against Nawab Bugti in his life time. It was Dr Wahid who wrote in 2001 -2002 that Nawab Bugti was a brutal Sardar who wanted to maintain his Sardari. When Nawab Bugti proved him wrong and embraced martyrdom while fighting the enemy forces in Balochistan. Then Wahid started this propaganda that it was a revenge killing by the Marri people. It is very obvious that this man is a paid agent of Baloch enemy who is trying to create confusion in the mind of Baloch youth. This Nagesh Bhushan who was kicked from America because of his ill behavour their is also no different than Wahid. He claims to be a well-wisher of Baloch but behind the scenes he is busy creating abusive blogs to swear respected Baloch leaders and to spread misinformation against freedom struggle. He is nothing but a poodle of Wahid. I think the writer suggestion them being lovers may not be wrong given the historical background of the two.

    Dr Jumma Marri's involvement with this group seems unfortunate. Nagish is spreading propaganda to further divide Baloch people in different names/groups/and classes.

  2. This statementis true. Dr Wahid, Dr Jumma Marri and khan Suelaman kan (which is not really a khan,but from seller family of Baluchistan) are liked and tring to divided Marri and Bugti leadership. if you to the you will see who is running this website. they know every one knows about it, but they doing this delabrately.The patriot Baluchs duty are to bring the truth who is right or who is wrong.I believed that time has come that Baluchs are ready to stand againist not anly Pakis,but our's own traitors too.

  3. thank u for exposing the Baloch traitor prsonalities and their websites,its our enemies tactics to penetrait his poppets in shape of Baloch persons ,its resposibility of every baloch to be careful and expose them,we mention here a person,namly shahid Baloch ,now Exile at London and run a website buc and claming this is karachi Baloch Organaization,his actual name is shahid imrani and he is friend of Hasil Bezenjo and chairman of Ghous Baksh Bezenjo Foundation, BUC In fact this organaisation all members belong to ppp,and defaming the Baloch movement and now many of them got job in VASH TV.plz search them activities and expose them also

  4. Kindly contact me or report to me any illegal activities being run by the NAPAK agent ...

    we are Baloch hacking groups kindly contact
    and he will inform me

    and we will try our best to safe our baloch nation from this mess and try to deface any illegal or wrong information being written in any other sites...

  5. It means that you people can not approve the rational opposition. That's the democracy that the Baloch want. That's really hypocracy.