Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who Really Dr Wahid Baloch is?

Dr Wahid Baloch is the President and the only member of Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA). We say only member because he has no support of Baloch people living in America and anywhere else, also nobody heard of him in Balochistan. A great and well respected Native American well-wisher of the Baloch people once said that Wahid seems to have lost his way and he’s running a one man show. In addition he runs a website with the name of BSO-NA.ORG. Initially he seemed to be Baloch intellectual working in northern America to highlight the issues of Baloch, but with the passage of time one could find that his goals and objectives were entirely different, all he wanted to achieve was self projection, and chance to earn something using the name of Balochistan and Baloch cause. Having a thorough look at his website one can easily conclude that his aim is to divide Baloch leadership and to make Baloch tribes fight against each other. Recently he started to post stories of Baloch missing person. We believe it is not because Wahid has any sympathy for them but he wants to collect funds in the name of missing Baloch persons.

One can also find him collecting donations of the name of Balochistan, one such case was the collection of Donations in the name of Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, whereas in reality all money he collected went to his own pocket. Similarly he tried to collected money on the name of Balochvoice TV and nowadays for filing a case in International Court of Justice under the name of BLF or Baloch Legal Fund. Many Baloch complain that he collected money in name of flood victims in Balochistan but never send a single penny to the victims.

As it can be seen in this above image of Wahid he is wearing a badge of BSO (Baloch Students Organisation) and he also uses the logo of BSO on is website. We believe this is one of the cheapest acts.

Dr Wahid’s activities are quite suspicious as all his efforts seem to be benefiting the enemies of Baloch rather than the Baloch themselves, for instance creation of Government of Balochistan in Exile, he used his screen name as Azad Baloch and introduced himself the chairperson of the Government and Mir Suleman Dawood as the King of Balochistan, but he failed to mention a phone number from Israel rather he gave a number from USA, which made him exposed to BBC Urdu service and others who knew both, that’s why he was forced to finish the baseless drama and his dream of being the chairmen the self created government in Exile as the GOB Exile went in vain.

After getting failed he started the efforts of defaming the genuine Baloch leadership and started abusing Shaheed Balach Marri, Shaheed Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, and Bramdagh Bugti, using the screen name “A Baloch”, but as his stories couldn’t got fame among the readers and he got banned from all other yahoo group mailing lists except http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bso-na and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/baochunity.

Another personalities which we suspect are associated with Dr Wahid is two Indians apparently journalists named Nagesh and Sushant Sareen. About Nagesh and Dr Wahid some people revealed that the relationship among them is quite personal and both were usually seen together in night clubs and private parties. Nagesh used to be associated with South Asian Analyst Group (SAAG.Org) and he managed to post an interview of Dr Wahid over it, which was blessing for an attention seeker person like Dr Wahid. After this interview Dr Wahid started considering himself very famous and popular among the Balochs, but he forget the fact that less than 1% of Baloch people had access to internet and among those 1 %Majority doesn’t know Dr Wahid even today. But Dr wahid and Nagesh made a fake web poll and the results they compiled showed Dr Wahid the most popular Baloch Leader even more Popular then Mir Suleman dawood the current Khan of Kalat, Bramdagh Bugti and Shaheed Balach Marri and other top leaders of Balochistan. The main reason he is seeking attention is the deep rooted inferiority complex he had developed since his childhood for being the ignored child of maid in the house of Bizenjo’s. He might have experienced humiliation and insults by the children of his masters and this created the inferiority complex deep rooted in his personality.

Now-a-days Dr Wahid and company are again in action in abusing and bashing the Baloch National liberation leadership and Mir Suleman Dawood as a cover for their activities. In private e-mailed and conversation Wahid insists that Suleman is useless and that he would call him HHKK on public forums just to use him. This time the objective of Dr Wahid and Company is to deepen the rifts between the Marri Tribe and specifically between the families of Nawab Khair Baksh Marri and Mir Hazar Khan Marri. For this purpose he had started a blog with the name Sardarwatch and portraying as if the posts are from Dr Jumma Marri (son of an Ex Guerilla Commander Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, who is considered an opponent of Nawab Marri and currently aids to Pakistani army against Baloch Sarmchars during their operation in Kohlu and Derabugti). According to sources Dr Wahid wants to ignite an armed conflict between the tribesmen supporting Mir Hazar and those supporting Nawab Marri, and therefore he is trying to portray all his abusive posts to be originated by Dr Jumma. We do suspect Juma Marri but we strongly hope our suspicion is wrong.

Apart from the above shameless activities Wahid keep on spamming Yahoo groups and sends e-mails to all members of yahoo groups whose e-mails he has apparently saved from yahoo Baloch groups. He uses nick names like Ghulam Ali Baloch, Baloch Khan, NP Balochistan and various other names.

All his activities of creating a Website, an Organization with the only member being himself, abusing and insulting the Baloch Leadership is aimed in getting more attention. If he gets ignored again, and no importance is given to him, he will get silent again.

It’s the time for all Balochs to recognize this hidden enemy of Baloch Nation and leave him isolated, if possible treat him with a good Psychiatrist. We also hope that if Nagesh Bhushan and Sushan Sareen are sincere friends and sympathizers of Baloch they will stop backing psychos like Wahid.

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  1. For sure he is a case of psycho.

    The main reason he is seeking attention is the deep rooted inferiority complex he had developed since his childhood for being the ignored child of maid in the house of Bizenjo’s.