Monday, March 29, 2010

Wrong advisers trying to isolate Khan Suleman dawood Khan from Baloch Nation

Something fishy is going on intentionally or unintentionally

In 2006 a grand Baloch Jirga was organized in Qalat, after the murder of Nawab Akber Khan Bugti by Pakistani occupation forces. Claims were made that the purpose of this grand Jirga will be autonomy of Balochistan. The Sardars of different tribe who attended the event finally decided that instead of making the Punjabi master angry, the anger of Baloch Nation should be cooled down resulted due to the murder of Nawab Bugti. The pro Pakistan sardars have used Khan Suleman Dawood for this purpose to initiate their canning design against Baloch National struggle. We call the Jirga participant Sardars pro Pakistan because they are part of the government even today as they have always been. Thos who pushed Khan to call the Jirga and announced to go to the ICJ have today left Khan alone and are enjoying governorship and chief minister ship in the government.

Therefore, they made Kalat Mir Suleman Dawood to announce that he will file a case in International Court of Justice for the autonomy of Balochistan. But he failed to describe how a non state actor can file a case in ICJ as the mandate of ICJ does not allow non state actors file any case against a State; only a dispute between two states can be resolved in ICJ. We believe if Baloch decide to go to ICJ there should two things should be done first. (1) Baloch and the Khan IF went to the ICJ should hold the view that merger with Pakistan was a forced one that is why we ask the ICJ to null and void the agreement between Pakistan Balochistan. (Baloch people and the two Houses of Balochistan parliament had rejected the notion of joining Pakistan. Hence Khan even as the ruler of Balochistan had no mandate to sign a merger agreement). (2) Baloch and Khan as the heir of ruler of Balochistan must press on the UN to declare Balochistan as an occupied state. (Thus, the Baloch can go to ICJ and say that it a case between two states. One state “Pakistan” has occupied another free state “Balochistan”. The ICJ will be obliged to resolve this issue we think).

Here’s the sad part: Beside this first vague claim of ICJ, (we call it vague because we do not see it happening anytime soon) the Khan of Kalat started collecting donations in the name of the Case to be filed in ICJ, which is not possible in any way. Hence the Punjabi establishment and Intelligence agencies succeeded to control the emotions of Baloch Nation after the murder of Nawab Bugti by using Khan of Kalat with the help of their puppet sardars. After 4 years of the grand Jirga Baloch nation is still looking toward their defunct king for filing a case in ICJ and win their independence.

When Khan realised that the field is empty and his friends have left him alone. He decided to move to Dubai, after his tour of Gulf state of Bahrain and all he finally reached to the United Kingdom. He preferred to live in Cardiff. According to his own interviews he chose Cardiff because its mountains remind him of Balochistan, true love with country or an exaggeration? We can’t say! The De jure King of Balochistan or as one of the UK newspapers put “a King without a kingdom” chose to claim asylum and beg her majesty the Queen to for a safe sanctuary, because his life was in danger in Balochistan or because he couldn’t face the people as he lost their support and his credibility? We can’t say again!

During his stay abroad Khan instead of integrating with Baloch community in exile has limited himself to his house in Cardiff and entrusted only two people. Wahid Baloch and Tariq Subra! Wahid is responsible for collecting donations in the name of Balochistan and ICJ. He has opened an account with the name of BLF (Balochistan Legal Fund). Unfortunately! He is Extorting money from Baloch in Diaspora in an illegal way. The second men Tariq Subra is responsible for advising the Khan what to do and what not to do. Tariq instead of being a friend and supporter of Khan believe that he controls Khan. Some time it seems like Tariq has put a rope around Khan’s neck and pulls him every direction he pleases. Tariq Subra and Wahid’s intentions might good but we think they have this sense of being jealous “Lala mani leader che tae leader ha kam nahen” may leader is not less than your leader. They are ruining the Baloch cause by such childish approaches.

Tariq has totally isolated Khan from Baloch Community in the UK and elsewhere. Similarly Wahid has damaged Khan Reputation in America. Because of such wrong advisers and friend we think Khan is suffering from loneliness and frustration. Tariq keep on mentioning “Council for Independent Balochistan” in his post in Yahoo groups and conversations with people. Can he tell us who are the members of the Council apart from Tariq and Khan Suleman Dawood. Why this well planned Council has failed to achieve its objections of uniting the Baloch? We think it failed because of hasty advises of Tariq Subra and untimed decisions. Why we think that? According to media reports Negotiations were taking place between Suleman Khan and other Baloch leaders in exile and in Balochistan to form a Council or Forum that would unite the Baloch on some points or one programme. Tariq jumped in and advised the Khan that we cannot wait anymore “you should announce and say if anyone joins me fine if not I’ll go ahead with it on my own”. This decision of Tariq ruined the whole plan of some honest and serious activists who had worked hard (quietly) to bring Khan and Hiar biyar Marri closer or at least to establish a pleasant environment and contact between the two.

Searching through the speeches of the Khan we found that only few weeks before the announcement of the Council, roughly in July 2008 addressing a meeting in London the Khan had said that “I have been at the front but I have failed. Now I want to join the crowd and follow the young leadership”. The next month August 2008 Khan Suleman Dawood announced the formation of the Council without taking other stake holders in confidence. That unwise decision widens the gap between the Baloch leaders disappointed the honest activists and served Tariq’s purpose. After the announcing of the Council Tariq started spreading the news the Council has been formed and Khan is the head of it ......... so who is the tail? The Council till this day remains a two men party (Tariq and Khan) and BSO-NA remains a one man show (Wahid). What did Tariq and Wahid gain by isolating the Khan from rest of the Baloch Nation? Only they can answer.

As recently as 25 March of this year Khan has issued a surprising statement in which he said “Baloch should hold a silent protest on March 28th, against what he said forced annexation of Balochistan with Pakistan” Why on 28th?? when you already know that the entire Balochistan has announced a Balochistan wide protest on 27 March. What is the purpose of issuing such a statement which conflicts with the already announced program of Baloch masses? We believe it was again Tariq’s wrong advice but this advice ruined Khan’s credibility because nobody knows Tariq, not in Balochistan, not abroad. When Wahab Baloch the secretary general of BNF questioned the aim of protesting on a different day than rest of Balochistan, Tariq instead of accepting the mistake tried to justify the statement saying that “We don’t want more people to be arrested, if all people stay in homes, close their businesses, and transport this way we save the people being arrested and damage Pakistan’s economy” What a laughable justification! As if all the businesses and transport companies belong to Baloch and they will voluntarily stay indoors. Before advising Khan to give such a statement Triq should have used his senses – perhaps he lost his senses in Bangkok and need to go back to claim it.

Mr Tariq or Maulana Tariq you must be kidding. Ahamd Yar Khan with his silent protest sold the free state of Balochistan. Please don’t push Waja suleman Dawood to repeat the history.

Finally! after the “all hyped up but no substance” conference in Bangkok there are reports of organising of a “Balochistan National Conference” which will apparently be sponsored by the conmen (players) of 2006 Jirga and they are planning once again to use Khan Suleman Dawood for this purpose. The aim of this conference will be to demand maximum autonomy for Balochistan and to counter Balochistan Liberation struggle on International level. We hope genuine Baloch activists; leaders will unite and expose the state sponsored actors against Baloch National liberation struggle.


  1. poor guys...! I am not sure which planet they live on? somebody has got show them the mirror at least once in a while.

  2. I believe this statement is very true,but the writer does't mention the two more poeple's involment: Munir Mengal and Dr Juma Marri.

  3. Whatsoever, The Baloch must get their right of Land and Freedom. The Late Mr.Bugti was a good leader, an educated and honest-man.
    The tribal way of life is different than we got in the cities. We must respect their traditions and values.
    People need help, assistance and education.
    Our Govt. is blind and dump. We must stand by the Baloch people who'd been suffering for a quite long time.
    Tahir K. Zaman -Kuwait