Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Beside the criminal attitude of Pakistanis and Iranians law enforcement agencies and their penetration. Baloch national struggle is being victimized by internal social and political discrepancies. If we try to analyze the different factors among several that affecting the Baloch national movement at this time domestically and internationally, we can say self-projection, self interest dominion and eccentricity, irrespective to the Baloch national interest and national struggling forces. These cause catastrophic impact on ongoing Baloch struggle result’s conflicts, distrust, diversity, confusion, frustration and provoking political and social attitudes. Such behaviors can be eliminated by linear organization, political discipline, management, arranging programmed political activities or events, trust and confidence building measures. These might help to condense the internal political and social conflicts. It may also helps as shield against the internal and external culprits. There should be constant check and balance to the argumentation and political activities in order to avoid the controversies.

Let us assume that Council of Independent Balochistan (CIB) or Bangkok Conference had not any wrong intentions but these are seemed to fail in trust building with the ground national movement and their front leadership that was the real cause of oppositions and lack of support on National Front and National ground. Under such circumstances, interference of the internal or external enemies of Baloch national struggle can not be ignored. They can easily take advantages of such oppositions to increase the gaps and produce further possible divisions. Baloch leadership and intellectuals should be alert from such conspirators and prevent such mischievous activities to held, rather than become victims of conspiracies. The main aims of all such conspirators to impose their own reasoning and justifications. It can be prevented by constant analysis and determinant steps, and while taking any major step the moral values and sensitivities of National movement must be under consideration domestically and internationally. Conflicts and conspiracies are natural and inevitable but Baloch intellectuals and leadership need to focus towards the achievement of the goal of independence and greater interest of Baloch nation rather than extensive internal conflicts.

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