Saturday, April 3, 2010

The so called Middle Class Leadership = greedy parliamentarians

The Baloch middle class leadership has been enslaved by Pakistani colonial mindset and has submitted to Pakistan since 1980s. Some of them have gone “Theoretically” so high that they should be immediately sent to some Soviet “mental” hospitals. They still couldn’t get out of the debris of the demolished Soviet Union. Those who were able to do so became “neo-liberals” and sort of practical examples of theories of the Capitalist Francis Fukuyama.

I bet those who claim for Baloch Leadership will never fight for Baloch Cause because they never learnt the world "sacrifice". They have already submitted to “hopelessness” and Pakistani "army-engineered Democracy". Now when a Sardar along with his committed comrades has become icon of Nationalism and a symbol of change in the region, they feel threatened. They can’t publicly declare the failure of their Political approach and their shameful performance. So to hide that “traitor” and “looser” mark on their face, they are trying to portray themselves as Savior of Baloch nation.

People won’t believe in your claims because you failed to achieve anything because you had no faith in yourself, not in your nationalism/socialism and not even in your Leadership.

” Words that do not match deeds are unimportant” Che Guevara

So you guys are as unimportant to us as your opportunistic speeches. Same with your “unfaithful” and “opportunistic” nationalism.

Go pray to the Demolished State of Soviet Union(Your Dead God ) to save you from your shameful end or else publicly apologize for your mistakes and join the masses in their struggle rather than criticizing those who are working to get you identified as an Free Nation among the Global community.

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  1. Do they really understand what actually ner-liberalism is?
    If yes, then where is the market in Balochistan?
    Is it emerging in Gwadar where a few real estate dealers can sell everything including a piece of land, bottle of whisky and even arrange entertaining nights in the hotels of Gwadar and karachi for their prospective customers?
    If this is a real emerging market economy for our poor neo-liberals of Balochistan then, I guess, the next phase globalisation will start not from New York, London, Shanghai but in the heart of Balochistan's coastal towns.