Sunday, April 11, 2010

Planed Campaign against Baloch Leadership and Baloch struggle for Independence

In the month of February 2010 a Baloch conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand, according to BBC urdu sponsored by Nagesh Bhushan and Sushant Sareen, although they used Munir Mengal as a showcase to fool other participants that the conference was being organized by a Baluch. The participants who attended the conference were mainly Baloch Diasporas and few foreigners. Initially Mehran Baluch, renowned Baloch writer Hafeez Hasan Abadi, Ahmar Masti Khan and other Independence seeking leaders of BSO (azaad) and BNM were also invited. However, when they heard that people like Dr Wahid and Juma Hazar Khan were also invited they refuse to attend the conference in protest. According to their point of view Juma’s father ex guerrilla fighter is presently collaborating with Pakistan’s military and is spying against his own Baloch brothers for sake of few bucks. Whereas Dr Wahid had publically disrespected the three Martyrs of Murghab by calling them ISI agents. BashirZeb of BSO azaad and Asa Zafar of BNM in their statements made it clear that they were not against the conference but they decided to boycott it due to differences of ideologies. The total boycott of genuine Baloch leader and pro Independent parties gave a chance to the Pakistani intelligence agencies and their paid agents (Dr Wahid & Tariq Subra), to make divisions between the Baloch leadership in diasporas. Dr Wahid and Tariq used this opportunity and created a Blog named SardarWatch, whereas Nagesh (A Boyfriend of Dr Wahid) helped them technically and in writing the propaganda material. Apparently, Juma 1000Khan and Munir Mengal have a hand in creating and materially support the blog. Beside this these four men Nagesh, Sushant, Dr Wahid & Tariq with the instructions of ISI officials started abusing the Baloch leadership. The most unfortunate thing about the Bangkok conference was that Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Dawood has send Tariq Subra, a famous black sheep on 80s as his representative, to read his so called message of Azaadi.

Motives of conference can be gauged by some of the key points and the views of two main speakers of the conference; one of them was also apparently the organizer of the event.

The first day of conference began with a protest by some Pakistanis in front of the hotel where the conference is being held. There were about a dozen protesters carrying placards which said “Stop the Event”, and “We reject Feudal Lords”, assuming the meeting was a forum for Baloch sardars and feudal lords. Ironically, inside the conference hall, there was a unanimous position that the days of the Sardars were over and a new generation of Baloch leadership is emerging on the horizon to lead the Baloch resistance movement. Reported IntelliBrief (Nagesh’s site)

According to BBC Urdu

an Indian Journalist and a consultant for institute of defense studies and analysis Shushnat Sareen suggested that keeping in view the regional situations Baloch should first ask for provincial autonomy or self-determination and then ask for Independence. Moreover, he said due to lack of leadership and capability Baloch should “spread their legs according the length of their blanket”.

Similar views were expressed by another participant

Marino Budsachin, Secretary General UNPO - Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation - if they Baluch ask for Independence the International Community might not help them. Thus, they should first ask for provincial autonomy or self-determination and then think of Independence. He went on to say that Pakistan can go bust politically and economically but you should not forget that Pakistan is not Somalia in fact it a nuclear state.

Baloch patriot and freedom loving parties believe that the demand of provincial autonomy and to counter the Baloch Independence struggle were the main objectives of this conference. It is also believed that the protest outside the conference venue was organized by Dr Wahid and Nagesh Bhusan in an attempt to make it look more attractive. But what more attraction they needed then organizing the conference in a place like Thailand, Bangkok!

If one go through the statements of DG ISPR, IGFC Balochistan Maj General Saleem Nawaz, and compared them with the propaganda articles on SardarWatch it won’t be difficult to recognize that the wordings are same only the delivering person is changed, which means the script is written in Rawalpindi but delivered from London, Florida and FC Headquarter Quetta.

Let us compare the recent post on Sardarwatch and a statement given by Maj General Saleem Nawaz, and Rehman Malik related to the Martyrdom of Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, Sher Muhammad Baloch and Lala Munir Baloch.

ISPR Spokesmen:

Insider Brief sources report that the three murdered nationalist leaders — including Baloch — had actually had a hand in the kidnapping of John Solecki alongside several government “bigwigs” and Baloch sardars (local tribal chiefs). Large sums of money totaling several million dollars were handed over to the kidnappers to secure Solecki’s release. Infighting ensued between the involved parties over the distribution of the release funds resulting in the deaths of Baloch, Munir and Bugti

Rehman Malik:

He said that the abductors of Solecki had links with people in Afghanistan as telephone call from Kabul was traced. He said that the seven number used for calling were traced and the information was shared with President Karzai by Pakistan but he denied it as true. Later, Secretary General UNO appealed Karzai for efforts to release Solecki. Malik said that Pakistan has repeatedly asked Afghanistan to stop supporting Barhamdagh and asked to hand over him to Islamabad under security for negotiations. We conveyed through ministry of foreign affairs concerning international relations and national interests in foreign countries. That we want to talk to Barhamdagh and know his grievances, he added. He said that India is enemy of Pakistan and involved in creating unrest in Balochistan. The government and people of Pakistan could not close the eyes from the reality. None true Pakistani could support the independence of Balochistan and see repetition of incident like fall of Dhaka. Every Pakistani is ready to devote life for the homeland, he maintained. He said that killing of three Baloch people took place soon after visit of President Asif Ali Zardari and announcement of development package for the province. At the time when Baloch people were praising package of President Zardari, the killing of political workers was grave conspiracy against Pakistan, said Malik. Condemning the killings, he informed the Upper House that a high-powered committee, headed by IGPBalochistan was probing into the matter.


I strongly believe that Khair Bux Marri and his son Hair Biyar Marri were behind their killing of Ghulam Mohd, Lala Munir and sher Mohd Baloch with the help of ISI. All the facts strongly indicate their involvement. Why they killed them? Because Ghulam Mohd knew a lot about their involvement in John Solecki’s kidnapping and about the kidnappers and it was necessary to eliminate him to bury all that evidence to save their face. He was made the”Qurbani ka bakra”.

It’s worth mentioning that the words and basic Idea behind all these sources is same, i.e. making the role of Baloch Freedom movement leaders like Bramdagh Bugti and Nawab Marri suspicious in the kidnapping of John Solecki, whether the words are from Dr Wahid, Nagesh or ISPR. The objective seems to be same.

Whereas on the other hands let us read the other side of the story

HRCP Statement:

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has credible information about the killing of Baloch nationalists by the security forces, a statement issued by the commission claimed on Thursday.

The killing was a dangerous provocation and a grave violation of human rights, HRCP said, adding that Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Munir and Sher Mohammad – office holders of the Baloch Republican Party and the Balochistan National Party – were picked on April 3 by people in plain clothes, who were accompanied by two vehicles of the Frontier Corps that stood at a distance.\04\10\story_10-4-2009_pg7_30

Kachkol Ali Advocate:

Kachkol condemned the statement of Rehman Malik, who had hinted that foreign hands were involved in the killing of the three Baloch leaders – Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, Sher Muhammad Baloch and Lala Munir Baloch. Kachkol called Malik’s statement an attempt to give a safe passage to the real culprits. He said he had no confidence in any judicial inquiry and demanded the United Nations conduct the inquiry into the matter. Kachkol said the Frontier Corps inspector general (FC IG) had become the sole spokesman of the government of Balochistan, claiming that Chief Minister Aslam Raisani had “taken a back seat in the corridors of power”.\04\15\story_15-4-2009_pg7_33

As mentioned above that the script is prepared and dispatched from Rawalpindi but its disseminated through their paid agents and employees from rest of the places so it is proved by analyzing the case study posted above, if one spare sometime and compare the posts on yahoo groups, SardarWatch and the officials of ISPR and interior ministry of Pakistan, it will be crystal clear that who is behind these posts and vulgar comments and what is the motive behind such posts.

Dr Wahid denies Nagesh’s role in all this dirty game but he admits that he had personal relationships with Nagesh and that’s why Nagesh is supporting him. Recently we found Nagesh praising Sardarwatch on his blog IntelliBriefs without mentioning the vulgar language and abuses posted on Dr Wahid and Tariq’s Blog.

Most of the yahoogroups have blocked these fake ID from spreading lies about Baloch Leadership and attempts to create divisions, except BSO-NA, BalochUnity and Balochi-Culture.

Dr Jumma Khan Marri has assured that he will ban such posters from his group Balochunity soon, whereas Dr Wahid refused to do so, as he cannot ban his own ID’s, whereas using this article we ask the owner of Balochi-Culture community and all other web owners, group moderators and individual to balock these fake IDs and do not reply to their e-mails in order discourage such agents and play your role in saving the Baloch Nation from further divisions caused by bunch of cheap agents of the enemies of Baloch Nation.


  1. It is good to read your interesting comparison on Pakistani military's nefarious propaganda and some of our own incongruous persons who are supposed to promote Baloch struggle but instead doing otherwise.
    They are handful individuals who’ve perhaps got nothing positive to contribute in this movement but to spread confusion by cheap means. I don’t think their crap really deserve to be investigated or even reported to such an extent.
    I think it would be worthwhile if you start writing over issues such as the overall direction of our struggle rather than on these isolated individuals.
    Finally, for our Indian boy:
    ‘if you really want to keep your nose in Baloch affairs then do it in positive manner, as we love someone from outside contributing for the our cause.’

  2. It was just a general comparision on how the enemy is using different means to propogate their Idea, I dont think that Nagesh, Wahid or Tariq Really worth my time to write about them, but the sole purpose of writing up this all was exposing ISI and their stooges in the Getup of Baloch.