Sunday, November 21, 2010

Third rate reporting on intellibrief

We ask our readers particularly the Baloch Nation, Baloch youth and professional Baloch writers to read the this very cheap report published on Nageesh’s site and written jointly by Nagesh himself, Dr Wahid, we prefer not to call him a Baloch and Jumma 1000 Khan. We have only come to this conclusion after we found out the coordination between Jumma, Wahid and Nagesh. Wahid posted a very cheap, fake and biased report on Yahoo groups in the name of BalochAwaam, Nagesh posted on his website and Jumma started distributing the link of report to Baloch users of facebook. Two other crooks of this cheap gang Maulana Tariq Subra and Muneer Mengal posted their comments endorsing the gutter language of Dr Wahid and supported him.

We compared Jumma’s facebook conversations that we received from our readers, Skype audio conversations and msn chats he almost used the same gutter language against not only Khair Bux Marri and his family but he also spoke against Baloch writer Hafeez Hasan Abadi, Ahmar Mustikhan, Samander Askani, the first chairman of BNM Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Shaheed Balaach Marri, former chairman of BNM Asa Zaffar Baloch, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch and some other prominent Baloch leaders. In each conversation with different people he tried to brain wash them by telling them fake stories and lies against Baloch leaders and Baloch struggle. Our readers told us that Jumma is now-a-days busy brain washing Baloch youth against Sarmachaars on facebook and msn chat rooms. He also threatened Samandar Askani, Ahmar Khan and a Baloch sister on facebook that he can harm them anywhere in the world.

The credibility of the report post on Nagesh Bhushan’s web blog can be judged by the fact that first he put up the picture of Dr Lahku Luhana the leader of World Sindhi Congress and named him a Samander Askani Baloch. He only changed the picture after he has been provided another picture by Ali Arjumandi the brother of missing Ehsan Arjumandi. We still don’t know whether that is Samander’s picture or is he another victim of the dirty gang?  Reading the report thoroughly one can see that everywhere in the report it is mentioned “said one, asked one Baloch, question one etc.”  Such style of reporting obviously proves that it is a fake report, Nagesh, Jumma and his gang are fake supporters of Baloch cause and in reality they are working against Baloch National interest. They should be treated just like any other traitor of Balochistan. It is a matter of shame that Jumma is spreading disunity among Baloch people in the name of Baloch Unity.

Mr jumma keep on giving references of Mr Shaitan Malik. This pink haired evil B******* Malik told hundreds of lies about Baloch and Balochistan and one is his favourite rhetoric is that Baloch missing persons have gone to Dubai, Saudi etc shall we believe him. Rehman Malik blamed Dr Allah Nazar for the killing of Mullah Bux of pro establishment NP. Rehman Malik said Habib Jalib’s own wife killed him shall we believe him? Rehman Malik said that there are no missing persons in Balochistan and no military operation is being carried out. Jumma1000 Khan is no different than Shaitan Malik unless he changes himself practically and start working for the interest of Baloch people.

This bunch of crooks is unfortunately, being led by the king of Cardiff and Drama King of Moscow.
Following video message is for the King of Cardiff and his gang. Gwashingaa Nasir Kamalan Baloch who has been abducted by Pakistani army.

Let’s not forget the Bangkok Conference and Nagesh’s role of inviting his Pakistani friends. Two days ahead of conference he called his Pakistani friends in Bangkok, gave them the location of the conference and asked them to protest against it so that it gets the media attention.

In our next investigative report we will bring you the facts about Shaiza Khali Baloch aka Munir Mengal 


  1. These paid agents and crooks are living in heaven of fools. I just wonder Khan's still think he will rule upon Baloch nation with these bunch crooks, which have been rejected by whole Baloch nation, due to past experiences of constant betrayment.

  2. Jumma Marri, Dr Wahid and Subra are working for the Intelligence agencies of Pakistan. Their role is to create misunderstanding among Baloch leaders and isolate them from each other. They are neither for Balochistan's Independence nor they care for Baloch Nation.