Friday, October 15, 2010

Drug Mafia and National Party

"I started my politcal carrer with gaus bux bizanjo and i m follower of his ideology and our ideolgy is same thats why i m joing National pary" IMAM BIZANJO (BHIL)

Mr.Imam Bheel is the world 3rd most wanted Drug Dealer, the details about this person can be found on following website:

National Party is financed by such drug dealers, in return National Party will protect politically, or perhaps one day this drug dealer may reach parliment and become Home Minister of Balochistan under the banner of National Party. Late Leader of National Party Mr Moula Bakash Dashthi was against the induction of Imam Bheel in the Party, which annoyed Imam Bhel and those other senior members who received expensive gifts from the drug mafia murdered Maula Bakash Dashthi and blamed the murder on BLF & Dr Allah Nazar. Hence killing two Birds with one arrow, removed the hurdle and pleasing ISI.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Introduction to National Party

National Party President Dr. Malik who claims to be a representative of the middle class and progressive class of Balochistan, while on his visit to a school in Makuran was greeted by the teacher and the students, meanwhile he saw something written on the blackboard of that class, he asked for the explanation of that phrase; the student as well as the teacher failed to explain the term on which the great leader got annoyed and angrily asked who the hell appointed you as a teacher, to his embarrassment the teacher replied “Sir it was you when you were the Provincial Education minister, you appointed me and hundreds of other like me who don’t even had degrees or former schooling as teachers in Balochistan”. On this the great middle class leader left his visit half completed and rushed out and decided not to visit any school all his life.

The Question on the implications of appointment of hundreds of illiterate and unqualified teachers in the length and breadth of Balochistan will bring for the future of Baloch Nation will be answered by the time only.
Lets compare the words and actions of the National Party leaders which change from time to time:

Revolution doesn’t require Vote it needs Blood. Dr Malik Baloch (1978-1988)

Revolution needs Education & Access to parliament, Dr Malik baloch and Hasil Bizenjo (1998-2010)

What were the reason that changed the philosophy and vision of the self proclaimed leadership of National Party from revolution through struggle to revolution through parliament, and how much they really believe in what they claim?

The change started when the former leaders of BSO made a mainstream political party under the leadership Shaheed Fida Baloch with the name of BNYM, the motive of this party was revolutionary and non parliamentary, but some black sheep in BNYM (later changed into BNM) martyred Shaheed Fida Baloch and hence BNYM/BNM suddenly transformed into a pro- Pakistani parliament party and cashed the popularity and martyrdom of their leader to get into Pakistani parliament, enjoy the power and lust of corruption since then stuck this group of opportunists. The rise of this opportunist leadership from the Makuran region started a dark period of our national history in Makran because nationalism and Baloch question were prohibited words in the vocabulary of our so-called middle-class politicians.

BNM defeated Ghous Bakash Bizenjo on the slogan of Baloch Nationalism and terming Mr. Bizenjo as Baba-e-Muzakirath (Father of Negotiations), and loyal pet of ISI/MI, but after his death, they realized that they were not different from the old dude and hence merged their Party with Mr. Bizenjo son’s Party and forming a new party named as National Party (But Ghulam Muhammad Baloch who was one of the loyal friend of Shaheed Fida Baloch and was sidelined by the Dr. Malik & Co in the BNM-(HAI), revived the BNM of Shaheed Fida Ahmed). National Party claims to complete Mr. Ghous Bux’s Mission and act upon his Philosphy a famous term used is “Fikr-e-Bizenjo”. A philosophy no National Party leader had so far explained to me. What is this Fikr-e-Bizenjo, what are the silent features of this Fikr-e-Bizenjo.

Dr. Malik & Co started propaganda and venom spitting against Baloch leadership since they reached the parliament in 1989, Initially they raised the slogans of anti Sardari system and termed their party as a anti sardar and representative of baloch middle class, but soon they made Sardari Sanaullah Zehri etc as their party leaders hence forgetting the claims of anti sardari system. Than National Party leaders claimed to fight against the drug dealers, but soon accepted Imam Beal Bizenjo,who is the 4th most wanted drug dealer in the world as their party leader, claiming that he will help promoting Fikr-e-Bizenjo.

National Party’s senior leader Late Mir Maula Baksh Dashti, who was killed by relatively unknown group Peoples Liberation Army a few months back, was said to be unhappy on the induction of Imambhel Bizenjo in National Party, considering its bad impact on the Party Image and popularity in Makuran. As a result he was eliminated by National Party leaders Hasil Bizenjo & Imam Bhel, and taking advantage of the incident and started a massive propaganda against the resistance forces active in Makuran region. An exchange of statement between NP leadership and Baloch Liberation Front (Baloch Armed Resistance Group) made confusions and disheartening among the Baloch Masses, even though BLF clearly denied any linkages with the killing the national party is blaming their own crimes on BLF. One can easily understand what could be the motives of this propaganda campaign against Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar and BLF, and why Mir Maula Baksh Dashti was murdered.

The reasons for the murder of Mir Maula Bakash Dasthi may include following reasons, he was against the induction of Drug mafia in NP, he was openly criticizing the decisions of Dr. Malik and Hasil on Imam Bhel inclusionin the party, Imam Bhel could provide enormous amount of funding and power to the national party for any future elections, hence he was more important than a old chap who was rather a liability on the party, the murder could easily be balmed on resistance forces because Mr. Dashti was invited Gen. Musharaf for army operation against Baloch Resistance Forces in Makuran, NP leaders will get more incentives from MI/ISI for creating rifts and division among Baloch masses.