Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Requirement and Importance of New Arrangements In and out of Country

Written By Hafeez Hassanabadi
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Nawab  Brahamdag  Bugti and Shaheed Balach  Marri  should have changed the safety strategy of their lives the day when the Pakistani helicopters started hovering and circling over Nawab Akber Bugti  residence at a time when he was preparing himself to travel to Afghanistan for his treatment.
We believe that after that great tragedy, had the both leaders, martyred Balach Marri and Brahamdag Bugi not travelled back and forth there, the enemy would not have reached to Balach Marri so easily and killed him; and neither could it come so close to Brahamdag Bugti. In other words, they were 100 percent successful to get to him, but thanks to that honest Afghan journalist that he timely informed the right people who saved him from the jaw of the assassination.
The complete silence of Brahamdag Bugti of the past eight months had rendered Pakistani rulers into a frenzy of fretting. They hyperactively issued misleading statements of false news to create misunderstanding only to get a clue where he could be indeed? Amid the fretting of Pakistani rulers, in November, one of my journalist friends, citing the source of a Baloch from France that Brahamdag has reached to Switzerland, inquired me of confirmed information. Negatively I replied and asked him not to bother himself for such information from me. “It’s definitely not necessary for me to know where Brahamdag lives, however, two things related to him, are of my interests, and first wherever he lives should be safe and live a healthy life. And secondly he should not back down from the Baloch national struggle for freedom.
Last month through media news we learned that Brahamdag has reached Switzerland and applied for asylum.  Exactly in the same day when the news broke out about his application for political asylum, a news channel from India aired Nawab Momand interview, an Afghan Journalist, in which he disclosed that the notorious secret agency of Pakistan, ISI, had schemed the assassination of Baloch leader Brahamdag Bugti.
Before assessing the internal and external effects of his departure from Balochistan on Baloch politics, let us endorse the statement issued by Mehran Baloch in this regard that stated that the government of Switzerland should regard the case of Brahamdag Bugti as important as it was the case of Hair Beyar Marri in London and we urge the Switzerland government that it not only should erase all affects of all conspiracies of Pakistani establishment, but it also take the necessary steps to erase all hindrances which procrastinate the process of his application for political   asylum.
It is our national and humanitarian duty to inform the government of Switzerland about the bitter fact that the Pakistani conspiracies to assassinate Brahamdag Bugti are nowhere going to end up in Afghanistan o elsewhere. If a party (Pakistan), in a backward country like Afghanistan where people be killed for a few thousands rupees, is ready to pay hundred thousand Dollars, then it would not hesitate slightly to pay a few millions to carry out heinous crime in Europe. There is another lethal dimension of this possibility that Pakistani establishment could easily involve its neighbor, Iran, the eternal enemy of Baloch nation, to inflict harm to Baloch leader. Because all parties in Baloch National Front, of which Brahamdag Bugti is the head, are opposed to IPI (Iran, Pakistan and India) gas pipeline project.
Based on a principled stance, BNF is justified in its policy that says that unless Baloch national question is resolved with Pakistan and Iran, no investment is allowed on Baloch soil. And all Baloch armed organizations are supportive of this principled stand. They don’t like to see that any country struck economic agreement with Pakistan and Iran, and become a partner against them; and this eventually leads them to be united in a row to stand against Baloch national movement.  Above all, it would be the Baloch national resources, with which Pakistan and Iran would support the international religious terrorism around the world and turn their homeland in a sanctuary for religious terrorists. So far it has not become the centre of fanatic Mullahs, because of the freedom movement of Balochistan. As Pakistan and Iran are not willing to acknowledge the sovereignty and the freedom of Baloch nation, therefore, they are pursuing a policy of terminating the Baloch leadership and workers, thereby creating an atmosphere of terror and forcing Baloch nation to abandon their national struggle for freedom.
On the state level the policy of ‘kill and dump’ that Pakistan has adopted, by United Nations definition is called state sponsored terrorism.  But America and Europe have become blackmailed by Pakistan, because more than one hundred fifty thousands of their people are bogged down in Afghanistan. And they have maintained a criminal silence in the face of worst type of violation of human rights and atrocities that Pakistan and Iran are inflicting upon Baloch nation in Balochistan.
The very target killings of Baloch leadership bear the witness that Pakistani state believes, that, by corporal termination of top Baloch leadership in hundreds, besides the killings of pro independent common political workers along with Nawab Akber Bugti, Balach Marri and Mir Gulam Mohmad, it can suppress the freedom movement and continues its loot and plunder of Baloch natural resources and supports its precarious economy. It is the very leadership of Brahamdag Bugti under which BRP (his own party) and BNF has completely shattered all Pakistani hopes for any foreign investment in it. After the withdrawal of India from the IPI projects, the joint project of TAPI of Turkestan, Afghanistan, Pakistan (across Balochistan) and India, has also become a far cry to prop up Pakistan economy.  To be concise, let us start with this sentence which saves us from longitude:  Mega projects like, Gwader deep seaport, Saindak project, RekoDick project, along with the above mention IPI and TAPI  are the crucial needs of Pakistan and Iran for economic well being and there are a few world powers who have some strategic interests involved in it. In all these affairs Brahamdag has a central role to play. These words of Pakistani interior are enough to affirm my assertions, he says that “If Brahamdag Bugti submitted to Pakistani flag, I myself  go to bring him bring home”.
The above few facts that I have hinted upon are the realities that Switzerland government should realize that Brahamdag Bugti is the person whose personality not only affects Pakistan but also the entire politics of the region as a whole. Therefore, his case should be treated in the context of that importance as mentioned above so that there remain no possibilities of mistakes.
Baloch are lucky that Brahamdag Bugti escaped safe and sound from Pakistani butchers. But as I had earlier said that even in abroad there would be no abating in conspiracies against him.  Nor they will spare his party BRP and the coalition of BNF that he heads. Therefore, it is imperative upon him that he reconsiders some of his policies related to his party and the coalition and the entire political strategy in Balochistan as well.
In our previous article “Hair Beyar’s bleak exhilaration” we had pointed and here we repeat it again that some powers along with Pakistan are desperately trying to create rift in Baloch National Front leadership so that they could not defend the freedom movement of Balochistan. Pakistani is trying hard to depict Baloch national struggle for freedom as a secessionist movement, thereby it would be able to obtain a certificate of terror and barbarism against humanity in world community. All participating parties in the coalition should be adhesive with each other, if the enemy succeeded in creating rift on different issues, it would be disastrous for all of us. We don’t like to make things easy for the enemy by repeating the minor issues where all these parties on the platform of BNF parted their ways on a single minor issue by interpreting it with different angles. And here we also don’t like to say who was wrong or right.  Because we believe that the ‘Prodigal deserves no reproach after his return’. Yet we believe that in the coming days we need to see to which direction we have to move and what kind of strategy we have to device for the struggle; where between the lines we have to draw judicious conclusion.
Internally Brahmadag has to pay a lot of attention to several fronts; his own party is facing a lot of difficulties, it would be considered an injustice if we did not recognize what kind of difficulties the party workers are going through. Nevertheless, because of being on constant travelling,   he could not pay enough attention to his party in difficult times. Psychologically he has to be ready to get the pro independent forces on a single platform and improve the performance of the BNF effectively. Under the auspices of BNP (Balochistan National Party), Pakistani establishment has devised PPCC to counter Baloch national movement. It is not only impatiently waiting for the next election, but also all Pakistani agents in this coalition  would want to kill the pro-independent forces by using the shoulders of BNP and NP for the gun.
It is misfortune of us that BNP is allied with those parties who have always collaborated with Pakistani state against Baloch nation. The main reason behind the increasingly killings of pro-independent Baloch is that they want to assign the power to BNP Mengal, after the new elections take place, as it want to crush Baloch resistance completely or weaken it to an extent where it could not resist anymore the occupation.. Even though the senior Sardar has openly said that those people who have been involved in the killings of Punjabi should be put on trail. But it would be difficult for him to do so when he is in power.
To spur the freedom movement, Baloch National Front has to bring revolutionary change to its strategy so that the so called nationalists be compelled to come forth to become a part of freedom movement. Otherwise they openly expose themselves and associate with the enemy just like other parties of Pakistan. According to Saba Dashtiyari they should be forced to come out, instead of allowing them to secretly collaborate with the enemy, so that the public know what their real faces are.
 In Diaspora too, Baloch are facing the same problem. Here too not only Baloch have to affectively raise the voice against the violation of human rights, but also they should connect the Baloch freedom with it in such a way whereby the political impostors, the group of right to self determination and NGOs could not run their smokescreens in the name of martyrs’ sacrifices and their principles (independent Balochistan). 
For the past five years, international activities for the freedom movement have been suspended because of the false allegations against Baloch leader Hair Beyar Marri, and because he could not travel around the world to canvass support for freedom movement.  First and foremost he has to renew all his efforts to establish high level contacts with all pro-freedom forces and create coordination among them. What we mean by true pro independent force is that he has the backing of pro independent forces in Balochistan, as there is no scarcity of political orphan and importers (in America and Europe) to cash the sacrifices of the martyrs who have nothing to do with struggle for freedom. They are the people who have always been in forefront of cheating the international community by creating NGOs and Independent Consuls which exist only on papers. A member of these political imposter groups has run a fake survey among the Baloch in Diaspora around the world under the theme of: 
if we held national election, who would you elect your leader?
 Now the results he established in percentage say: Dr Wahid Baloch 51.4, Balach Marri 14.3, Sana Baloch 8.6, Sardar Atullah  Megal 7.1, Hair Baksh Marri 7.1, Brahamdag Bugti, 5.7, Akhter Mengal 4.3, Gulam Mohammad  1.4 and Khan Kalat 0.0.
Now it is misfortune of Khan of Kalat Mir Sulaiman Khan Daud with a shameless vote of 0.0 popularity that he has been invited by Dr Wahid Baloch, “the most beloved leader of Baloch nation with 51.4 popularity”, to attend the   international conference about Balochistan in America. for the sake of encouragement, he is also being addressed with a forgotten title “His Highness” which would remind him of his status that once his father was a sultan.
They are highly versatile dramatists; these are the people who have taken in Russia, India, America and several other countries with their fake surveys.
Now the time has come that Brahamdagh along with Hair Beyar vigorously start the campaign of creating awareness in the international community that what is the object of Baloch national struggle and who their leaders are in and outside of Balochistan. In this regard, to pave the way for these two leaders, BNF leadership has to establish a foreign office for BNF international (a small consul) so that this common consul, with mutual consultation and consideration, represent Baloch national issue and advance national interests. As it helps establish an institute to represent the national cause in a logical and coherent approach.
The reason that I mentioned Hair Beyar’s name here is that in his presence all imposters would perish. As Baloch nation is gallantly fighting with the enemy, and a river of blood is flowing in Balochistan, therefore it would be their moral obligation, first of all they themselves, to work out a strategy in real term. Because they are the only two forces who have the efficiency to do a lot. If both jointly started advancing Baloch national cause, than no messenger of BNP would be able to turn the National Struggle for Freedom into the account of right-to-self determination in Geneva. Neither any imposter would be able to mislead the world powers to amass hefty money fraudulently by selling the names of martyrs, nor would BNP and NP dare to become an accomplice with the occupier on the PPCC platform to play an active rule against the freedom movement.
We hope in this mutual cooperation Hair Beyar Marri would be the first to take the first step.  It is hoped that As soon as he gets his travel documents, would to go Switzerland and meet Brahamdagh Bugti and Mehran Baloch and work out the future course of the struggle and draw an effective strategy, because we believe that Brahamdag understand the plight of Baloch nation and the problems of Balochistan and, he has the capacity of taking difficult decision.
Translated By Archen Baloch,