Sunday, November 21, 2010

Third rate reporting on intellibrief

We ask our readers particularly the Baloch Nation, Baloch youth and professional Baloch writers to read the this very cheap report published on Nageesh’s site and written jointly by Nagesh himself, Dr Wahid, we prefer not to call him a Baloch and Jumma 1000 Khan. We have only come to this conclusion after we found out the coordination between Jumma, Wahid and Nagesh. Wahid posted a very cheap, fake and biased report on Yahoo groups in the name of BalochAwaam, Nagesh posted on his website and Jumma started distributing the link of report to Baloch users of facebook. Two other crooks of this cheap gang Maulana Tariq Subra and Muneer Mengal posted their comments endorsing the gutter language of Dr Wahid and supported him.

We compared Jumma’s facebook conversations that we received from our readers, Skype audio conversations and msn chats he almost used the same gutter language against not only Khair Bux Marri and his family but he also spoke against Baloch writer Hafeez Hasan Abadi, Ahmar Mustikhan, Samander Askani, the first chairman of BNM Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Shaheed Balaach Marri, former chairman of BNM Asa Zaffar Baloch, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch and some other prominent Baloch leaders. In each conversation with different people he tried to brain wash them by telling them fake stories and lies against Baloch leaders and Baloch struggle. Our readers told us that Jumma is now-a-days busy brain washing Baloch youth against Sarmachaars on facebook and msn chat rooms. He also threatened Samandar Askani, Ahmar Khan and a Baloch sister on facebook that he can harm them anywhere in the world.

The credibility of the report post on Nagesh Bhushan’s web blog can be judged by the fact that first he put up the picture of Dr Lahku Luhana the leader of World Sindhi Congress and named him a Samander Askani Baloch. He only changed the picture after he has been provided another picture by Ali Arjumandi the brother of missing Ehsan Arjumandi. We still don’t know whether that is Samander’s picture or is he another victim of the dirty gang?  Reading the report thoroughly one can see that everywhere in the report it is mentioned “said one, asked one Baloch, question one etc.”  Such style of reporting obviously proves that it is a fake report, Nagesh, Jumma and his gang are fake supporters of Baloch cause and in reality they are working against Baloch National interest. They should be treated just like any other traitor of Balochistan. It is a matter of shame that Jumma is spreading disunity among Baloch people in the name of Baloch Unity.

Mr jumma keep on giving references of Mr Shaitan Malik. This pink haired evil B******* Malik told hundreds of lies about Baloch and Balochistan and one is his favourite rhetoric is that Baloch missing persons have gone to Dubai, Saudi etc shall we believe him. Rehman Malik blamed Dr Allah Nazar for the killing of Mullah Bux of pro establishment NP. Rehman Malik said Habib Jalib’s own wife killed him shall we believe him? Rehman Malik said that there are no missing persons in Balochistan and no military operation is being carried out. Jumma1000 Khan is no different than Shaitan Malik unless he changes himself practically and start working for the interest of Baloch people.

This bunch of crooks is unfortunately, being led by the king of Cardiff and Drama King of Moscow.
Following video message is for the King of Cardiff and his gang. Gwashingaa Nasir Kamalan Baloch who has been abducted by Pakistani army.

Let’s not forget the Bangkok Conference and Nagesh’s role of inviting his Pakistani friends. Two days ahead of conference he called his Pakistani friends in Bangkok, gave them the location of the conference and asked them to protest against it so that it gets the media attention.

In our next investigative report we will bring you the facts about Shaiza Khali Baloch aka Munir Mengal 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do you want a civil war?

 By Nizar Baloch

"Do you want a civil war?" Was the question which broke India and created Pakistan, the mistake which the world is still paying for? Mahatma Gandhi was a man of peace and believed in “ahimsa” and practiced it. He agreed to swallow the bitter pill from Jinnah and accepted Pakistan as a separate state, just to avoid a civil war and the bloodshed. But what we see is that the bloodshed wasn't avoided at that time, and worse, the bloodshed still didn't stop after 63 years from the separation.

Now, we should ask ourselves, which one would have been a better choice and would have caused less bloodshed and less damage to India and the world, a civil war at that time or the creation of Pakistan?
We all want peace, but not at any cost. When it comes to losing our identity and our motherland, then we prefer the war. The war is the price for the peace in occupied lands, and it has been proven all around the world in every era and by all the colonies from Asia, Africa, and South America and to the USA itself which fought for its freedom and then it fought another war for uniting the South with the North. If none of these wars were wrong despite the heavy causalities, then how come our movement for independent Balochistan could be wrong? If they all have the right to fight the colonial powers for their independence, then why don’t we have the same right? If they were freedom fighters, then our Sarmachars are freedom fighters too. If today, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Che Guevara, Abraham Lincoln and other freedom fighters are national heroes, then why Nawab Bugti, Nawab Mari, Balaach Mari,Brahamdagh Bugti, Dr. Allah Nizar, Dr Khalid, Wahid Qambar, Abdul Nabi Bangulzai, Hairbyar Mari and all other freedom movement supporters are not heroes?

If the world helped and supported these nations to become free and independent nations, then the civilised world is obliged to support the Baloch nation according to the UN charters to get its freedom and stop the slow genocide and save the valuable lives which the Pakistani agencies torturing them to the death and then throwing their bodies on the streets.

Before we talk about the civil war and how to avoid it, let’s see if we are actually heading to a civil war and who is causing it and how?

The Baloch nation has been in war with Pakistan since it attacked and occupied Balochistan in 1948, the war which we didn’t choose to have, it was imposed on us by Pakistan and its agencies. This is the fifth major military operation by Pakistan in Balochistan. The Pakistani agencies are kidnapping, torturing and killing our loved ones with the support of some sold Baloch items. Thousands of Baloch men, women and children lost their lives during the torture and in the military, FC and police bombardments and firings.

We all hold the Pakistani government fully responsible for the military operation in Balochistan and all the damages it is causing to Baloch and Balochistan. Pakistan pulled us to the war by occupying our homeland and looting our resources and then kidnapping, torturing and killing whoever resists their colonial plans. Pakistani military, FC, Police, Levis, ISI, MI and its provincial and federal parliaments are all part of the same Pakistani government and they all share the responsibility of the military operation in Balochistan and martyrdom of our loved ones. If anybody, be a Punjabi, Pashtun, Sindhi or Baloch takes part in the Pakistani government or helps it in a way or another by providing information or logistic support to function and harm the Baloch nation, should be held fully responsible for his crimes and should not be spared.

If the UN charter and Geneva Convention allow you to target the army in the war, then what stops us from targeting the army men in civvies? Whoever is on the army or its agencies pay cheque is a legitimate target and there should be no exception to this rule. Being born in a Baloch house or having a Balochi name should not give anybody the immunity from punishment for the crimes he commits.

Unfortunately, after 63 years, the followers of Jinnah joined the war by supporting the Pakistani government on its crimes against the Baloch nation. Being the follower of Jainnah and his Pakistan, they are still using his techniques and questions and threatening our “Mahatma Gandhi” of a civil war and trying to take advantages from our kindness and the respect we have for the Baloch name, to cover their crimes against the Baloch nation and Balochistan.

Should targeting Hazar Khan with his 1000 Levis cause a civil war? Or killing the NP leader and underworld don Imam Bhill and his supporters become the reason for a civil war? No, because they are already engaged in an open war against the Baloch nation, then why and how on earth, cleaning our motherland from these traitors will bring a civil war? As BSO chairman sangat Bashir Zaib said: “If fighting the Pakistani government and its agencies is not a civil war, then how come fighting their supporters would be a civil war?” The person who is not against the military operation, he is with it.

It is our right and responsibility to defend ourselves, our families, friends and our motherland against the invaders and the traitors, it doesn't matter who they are. If the parliamentarians are sincere and they don't want a war (I don’t call it a civil war), then they should walk out from the parliament and never go back. Because they can't be sitting in the Pakistani parliament and be part of the operation against the Baloch nation and expect not to be punished. If they want to be Pakistanis because they like the colour of the Pakistani money and take part, support, approve, defend or keep a blind eye on kidnapping and killing of innocent Baloch people, then they should be ready to get treated like Pakistanis and pay the price for their crimes. And they should be men enough to face the consequences of their crime and stop crying and confusing the nation and threatening them of a civil war.

I request all the Baloch people to boycott the Pakistani government, its parliament, its forces and its supporters. Be a Baloch and support Balochistan. And I request all Sarmachar and their supporters to be ready for the war, if they want peace. The person who takes part in the military operation and in kidnapping, torturing and killing of innocent Baloch people is not a Baloch, and killing him will not cause a civil war. The supporters of the Pakistani government and the parliament are Pakistanis, not Baloch, don’t hesitate to target them. These traitors are causing more damage than all the Pakistani agencies, so why should they be spared?
I end this with a nice poem of the great Baloch poet waja Atta Shad and some proverbs to read and think about.

“ tu bugush harchi o man hichi magushan bot na kant, tu bekan kahr o manan mehr bibit, chosh na bit”

Friday, October 15, 2010

Drug Mafia and National Party

"I started my politcal carrer with gaus bux bizanjo and i m follower of his ideology and our ideolgy is same thats why i m joing National pary" IMAM BIZANJO (BHIL)

Mr.Imam Bheel is the world 3rd most wanted Drug Dealer, the details about this person can be found on following website:

National Party is financed by such drug dealers, in return National Party will protect politically, or perhaps one day this drug dealer may reach parliment and become Home Minister of Balochistan under the banner of National Party. Late Leader of National Party Mr Moula Bakash Dashthi was against the induction of Imam Bheel in the Party, which annoyed Imam Bhel and those other senior members who received expensive gifts from the drug mafia murdered Maula Bakash Dashthi and blamed the murder on BLF & Dr Allah Nazar. Hence killing two Birds with one arrow, removed the hurdle and pleasing ISI.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Introduction to National Party

National Party President Dr. Malik who claims to be a representative of the middle class and progressive class of Balochistan, while on his visit to a school in Makuran was greeted by the teacher and the students, meanwhile he saw something written on the blackboard of that class, he asked for the explanation of that phrase; the student as well as the teacher failed to explain the term on which the great leader got annoyed and angrily asked who the hell appointed you as a teacher, to his embarrassment the teacher replied “Sir it was you when you were the Provincial Education minister, you appointed me and hundreds of other like me who don’t even had degrees or former schooling as teachers in Balochistan”. On this the great middle class leader left his visit half completed and rushed out and decided not to visit any school all his life.

The Question on the implications of appointment of hundreds of illiterate and unqualified teachers in the length and breadth of Balochistan will bring for the future of Baloch Nation will be answered by the time only.
Lets compare the words and actions of the National Party leaders which change from time to time:

Revolution doesn’t require Vote it needs Blood. Dr Malik Baloch (1978-1988)

Revolution needs Education & Access to parliament, Dr Malik baloch and Hasil Bizenjo (1998-2010)

What were the reason that changed the philosophy and vision of the self proclaimed leadership of National Party from revolution through struggle to revolution through parliament, and how much they really believe in what they claim?

The change started when the former leaders of BSO made a mainstream political party under the leadership Shaheed Fida Baloch with the name of BNYM, the motive of this party was revolutionary and non parliamentary, but some black sheep in BNYM (later changed into BNM) martyred Shaheed Fida Baloch and hence BNYM/BNM suddenly transformed into a pro- Pakistani parliament party and cashed the popularity and martyrdom of their leader to get into Pakistani parliament, enjoy the power and lust of corruption since then stuck this group of opportunists. The rise of this opportunist leadership from the Makuran region started a dark period of our national history in Makran because nationalism and Baloch question were prohibited words in the vocabulary of our so-called middle-class politicians.

BNM defeated Ghous Bakash Bizenjo on the slogan of Baloch Nationalism and terming Mr. Bizenjo as Baba-e-Muzakirath (Father of Negotiations), and loyal pet of ISI/MI, but after his death, they realized that they were not different from the old dude and hence merged their Party with Mr. Bizenjo son’s Party and forming a new party named as National Party (But Ghulam Muhammad Baloch who was one of the loyal friend of Shaheed Fida Baloch and was sidelined by the Dr. Malik & Co in the BNM-(HAI), revived the BNM of Shaheed Fida Ahmed). National Party claims to complete Mr. Ghous Bux’s Mission and act upon his Philosphy a famous term used is “Fikr-e-Bizenjo”. A philosophy no National Party leader had so far explained to me. What is this Fikr-e-Bizenjo, what are the silent features of this Fikr-e-Bizenjo.

Dr. Malik & Co started propaganda and venom spitting against Baloch leadership since they reached the parliament in 1989, Initially they raised the slogans of anti Sardari system and termed their party as a anti sardar and representative of baloch middle class, but soon they made Sardari Sanaullah Zehri etc as their party leaders hence forgetting the claims of anti sardari system. Than National Party leaders claimed to fight against the drug dealers, but soon accepted Imam Beal Bizenjo,who is the 4th most wanted drug dealer in the world as their party leader, claiming that he will help promoting Fikr-e-Bizenjo.

National Party’s senior leader Late Mir Maula Baksh Dashti, who was killed by relatively unknown group Peoples Liberation Army a few months back, was said to be unhappy on the induction of Imambhel Bizenjo in National Party, considering its bad impact on the Party Image and popularity in Makuran. As a result he was eliminated by National Party leaders Hasil Bizenjo & Imam Bhel, and taking advantage of the incident and started a massive propaganda against the resistance forces active in Makuran region. An exchange of statement between NP leadership and Baloch Liberation Front (Baloch Armed Resistance Group) made confusions and disheartening among the Baloch Masses, even though BLF clearly denied any linkages with the killing the national party is blaming their own crimes on BLF. One can easily understand what could be the motives of this propaganda campaign against Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar and BLF, and why Mir Maula Baksh Dashti was murdered.

The reasons for the murder of Mir Maula Bakash Dasthi may include following reasons, he was against the induction of Drug mafia in NP, he was openly criticizing the decisions of Dr. Malik and Hasil on Imam Bhel inclusionin the party, Imam Bhel could provide enormous amount of funding and power to the national party for any future elections, hence he was more important than a old chap who was rather a liability on the party, the murder could easily be balmed on resistance forces because Mr. Dashti was invited Gen. Musharaf for army operation against Baloch Resistance Forces in Makuran, NP leaders will get more incentives from MI/ISI for creating rifts and division among Baloch masses. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Raisani must be kidding

If historians and journalists were waiting for a haunting quote from Balochistan’s chief minister, here it comes. Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani, the chief minister, astounded everyone in Khuzdar during a press-talk by saying that most of the missing persons had “deliberately gone underground to malign the country’s intelligence agencies”. If former military dictator General Pervez Musharraf’s infamous quote, “it is not the 70s that you will hit and run…We will hit you in a way that you don’t know what hit you”, has become one of the most widely quoted statements of a man who devastated Balochistan, one can assertively predict that this statement of Chief Minister Raisani will go down in the history as the most disgraceful proclamation ever made by a Baloch chief minister.

The chief minister repeated what was once said by former dictator General Pervez Musharraf and subsequently by Rehman Malik, the current interior minister, that the missing persons had willingly gone abroad. Gone abroad? For what? He said the elements responsible for target killings were also responsible for hiding their associates and then showing them as “disappeared people”. In his words, the missing persons have deliberately gone underground and now the issue is being raised to embarrass the country’s intelligence agencies. Raisani, the fist chief minister in the history of Balochistan to be elected unopposed, is of the view that it is unreasonable on the part of the missing persons’ families to hold the agencies responsible for the whole mess.

Expectedly, a very emotional reaction has come from the families of the missing persons in response to the chief minister’s statement. If the government cannot deliver justice to the families of the missing persons due to its inefficiency and powerlessness to check the influence of the secrete services then it should not at least hurt the sentiments of the mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and sons of the missing persons. Once living a dignified and peaceful life inside their homes, these Baloch mothers are seen languishing from one press club to the other while holding the photographs of their beloved ones. Politics is one thing but no one, including the chief minister, has the right to insult human feelings to give a coverup to his government’s inefficiencies.

Government stance on the issue of disappeared people has varied from time to time due to its very ‘sensitive’ nature. No county in the world has such a high number of missing persons as Pakistan. Majority of them belong to Balochistan. When civil society organizations raised the issue very vocally, the government of Pervez Musharraf refuted such reports and said there were no missing persons. When pressure mounted after the family members of the missing persons coordinated with each other and organized themselves, they emerged as a loud and powerful voice. Amana Masood Janjuha in the Punjab and the family members of Ali Asghar Bangulzai in Balochistan must be applauded for pioneering the movement for the recovery of missing persons.

When the cat was out of the bag during Musharraf government, the Chief Justice of Pakistan Ifthakar Mohammad Chaudhary took suo moto notice of several missing persons’ cases. It was in fact a very selective process of dispensing justice because no Baloch gained relief out of the initiatives taken by the CJP. Yet, the CJP was sacked by Musharraf on the issue of missing persons which manifested the omnipotence of the forces that are masterminding these cases of disappearance.

At another stage, former interior minister Aftab Ahmed Sherpao, confirmed with the media in Turbat (Balochistan) that some four thousand people were missing in Balochistan. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) also quoted these figures in its comprehensive fact-finding report on Balochistan.

Inaction led to frustration. The Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF) kidnapped an American national, who was heading the Quetta office of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), in February this year solely to press the government of Pakistan to release around 1400 missing or detained Baloch persons and some 141 women allegedly kept in the custody of security forces. That episode also failed to yield any positive results in the case of missing persons.

Worst still, the Chief Justice of Pakistan has completely kept quit on the Baloch missing persons issue after his reinstatement on the prestigious post. Despite belonging to Balochistan, Chaudhary has disappointed the family members of the missing Balochs. Even some key members of the judicial movement that led to the restoration of the deposed chief justice now say they squandered their energies at a wrong place. The movement did not worth it, they say, because it failed to bring justice to Balochistan.

Raisani’s current statement –about missing persons having deliberately gone underground to miligan the intelligence agencies –sounds ridiculous given the fact that Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, who belongs to the same party of the Balochistan Chief Minister, issued a verified list of 992 missing Baloch persons this month. Does Raisani have an answer to the families of at least these 992 missing persons? Why would these people go underground as most of them belong to the families that live below poverty line? The missing persons’ list includes people from lower professions such as students, shopkeepers, tailor masters, clersk, paramedics etc.

Besides being the chief minister of Balochistan, Raisani is a reputed tribal chief in Balochistan. Thus, people want to share their sorrows with them with the hope that the latter can play a role to resolve their problems. He should apologize to the aging mothers of the missing persons for deeply hurting their sentiments as these aggrieved mothers now prepare to sit on a hunger strike in front of Quetta Press Club from December 30th amid freezing temperature of Quetta.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Religious Butcher Pakistan

Pakistan has a long history of using Religion as a weapon to play for her own vested interests. Be it the creation of a Punjabi Dominated State named Islamic republic of Pakistan (Where one can hardly find Islam as a principal for justice and equality), or using the Islamic card for making a Nuclear bomb, Destruction of Afghanistan, Genocide in Bangladesh, Genocide in Balochistan and proxy war against India, Pakistan Used Islam as a Tool, and successfully manipulated the illiterate and uneducated people for the dangerous designs of Pakistan establishment.

Pakistan was created by the colonial power Great Britain to curtail the Communist expansion, using the name of Islam, and since that day Punjabi establishment used the Islamic card on every occasion she could. The First Prime minister of Pakistan chose American block making an excuse that the USSR block is non muslim atheists whereas Americans are followers of Chrisit who was a true prophet.

Similarly Pakistan used the Fanatic mullahs in Bangladesh against the pro liberation Bengalis and created Extremist armed groups like Al-Badar, Al-shams and Razakars for massacre of the Pro liberation Bengalies. Jumat-e-Islami and other religious political parties played an important role for the propaganda and recruitment process of these armed groups of mercenaries, by spreading rumors that the Bengali resistance forces are actually Hindus and killing them will get you to heavens where 60 Hurs (Fairies) are waiting for you. Millions of Muslim were massacred, raped and displaced by these so-called Islamic Groups in the name of Islam.

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Pakistan once again utilized the Islamic Card to fight the proxy war of the west in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is till date facing the consequences of that war. During the same era getting encouraged with the success of muhjaideens in Afghanistan decided to use teh sialmic card in Kashmir and elsewhere. As a result the Kashir valley started burning in the war on the name of war between Islam and Hindusim. Hundred and thousands of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits were massacred and force to migrate from Kashmir.

The Same game was played in Chechenya, by inducing Islamic fanatic in the genuine Chechen resistance forces resulting in the complete highjeck of the movement by Al-qida and Thaliban.

Gen Zia who was a follower of Wahabi version of Islam, created Islamic sectarian groups to undermine the Shia Minority in the country, this project was funded by the Saudi Government and as a result the groups like Sipa-e-Sahaba and lashkar-e Jangwai were created, who murdered thousands of innocent shia muslim so far. Iran the sister country of Pakistan as a result created shia armed groups and used them against the sunni muslims.

Now in Balochistan once again Pakistan is playing the same game in order to ignite a civil war, for this purpose numerous Baloch leaders were murdered by the so-called Sipa-e-Shuda-e Balochistan, and Ansar-ul-Islam type fake groups, beside that Lashkar-e-Jangwai is Used against the Shia of Balochistan, and one can find Pakistani media claiming that BRA, BLA and Lashkar-e-Jangwai are collaborating against the shias. On contrary to this everyone knows that BLA & BRA are strictly secular and nationalist forces whereas Lashkar-e-Jangwai is a Extremist Wahabi Group. The Nationalist Forces of Balochistan had always fought agaisnt the religious extremists and until recently many Baloch Political workers and leaders were killed by these religious elements on the name of Islam blaming the Balochs being communists and atheists. The Question rises how come these two opposite & rival force will collaborate with each other. When Baloch is never motivated to fight on the name of religion.

Moreover Lashkar-e-Jangwi is a Punjab based organization promoted and supported by Pakistani ISI for its own vested interests, how come aAnti Pakistan and anti ISI resistance movement will support such a group.

These rumors of BLA & BRA collaboration with Lashkar-e-Jangwi is just an effort by the enemies of Baloch to defame Baloch movement on national and international fronts and create tensions among the Local Baloch with the Afghanistan based Hazara Community who have mostly migrated and settled in Balochistan after the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

It is the need of the time that Baloch Political parties, Baloch intellectuals and writers should expose the ISI/MI drama and Isolate the sectarian religious groups in Baloch Society.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blood Speaks

“Blood speaks” is a proverb I personally never believed it to be true, but when one studies the role of few notables of Balochistan this proverb seems to be correct. The proverb fits in both senses i.e. those who sacrificed EVERYTHING for the sake of MOTHERLAND and those who sacrifice MOTHERLAND for EVERYTHING. In first Case we see examples like Nawab Nouroz Khan who sacrificed his everything for the motherland and in other cases we see people like Sardar Doda Khan Zarakzai and sons who sacrificed Motherland for everything else.

Sardar Doda Khan Zehri became the Sardar of Zehri tribe after the martyrdom of the Nawab Nouroz Khan and his sons; Doda Khan was cousin of Nawab Nouroz Khan. He came into focus during the “NAP” Government when he with the help of Bhutto regime and Pakistani army waged a war support Jamoots against Mengals, and after the NAP Govt; was dismissed by Bhutto and a brutal military operation was startet in Baluchistan especially against Mengal and Marri tribes. Doda Khan used the opportunity and helped the Baloch enemies in order to get money and support from Pakistan against Sardar Ataullah mengal and other Balochs who were fighting for the liberation of Balochistan. Once Doda Khan confessed that “If I have any value in the eyes of enemies it’s because of Sardar Ataullah Khans stance for the rights of Balochs, if Sardar Ataullah stops fighting for the rights of Balochs, I will lose my attraction”.

Doda Khan also started collecting taxes and established a parallel government in his area in order to weaken the NAP government and provide an excuse to the federal government for dissolving the Baluchistan government. As the topic of the article suggests, after Doda Khan’s Death his sons kept his legacy and proved themselves loyal servents of Pakistani establishment and in return enjoyed ministries, wealth and power. Murders of the poor peasants, rape and kidnapping of poor girls of their tribe and illegal occupation of the lands of the peasants of their tribe are common crimes Sardar Doda Khan’s sons have been committing. They did not even spare their own Elder brother Rasool Bakhsh Zehri that is why they today at war with Doda Khan Junior the son of Rasool Baksh Zehri. Three Sons of Sardar Doda Khan namely Sardar Sana ullah Zehri, Sardar Israr Zehri, and Sardar Zafar Zehri are quite famous and are into news most of the time for different reasons.

Sardar Sana ullah Zehri: Sardar Sanaullah Zehri is the eldest son of Sardar Doda Khan; he is head of Zehri Tribe, chief of Jhalawan, a Minister in Provincial Government and leader of pro Punjab PML (N).

He has a long history of changing loyalties and creating rifts in different political parties that he joined from time to time. He used to be part of National Party, but when National Party announced to boycott the 2008 elections to appease ARD. Sanaullah Zehri made his own National Party parliamentarian. Source close to him say that he has direct links with GHQ Rawal Pindi and is a trusted man of Pakistan military.

Now that he realized that the next governing party in Pakistan might be the PML – N (Pakistan Muslim League –Nawaz Sharif), he jumped from being a Baluch Nationalist and become a Punjabi Nationalist. PML-N is a pure Punjabi and pro-Islamic extremist party. Their leader Nawaz Sharif had and (many people believe still have) close links with the leader of Al-Qaeeda Mr. Osama Bin Laden. It was the government of PML –N that has tested the deadliest nuclear bombs in Baluchistan, the after affects of which still continue to exist in Baluchistan in shape of different lethal dieses. PML – N’s student wing has attacked Baluch students several time and many of the Baluch students suffered serious injuries at the hand of this party.

Israr Ullah Zehri: Nawabzada Mir Israr Ullah Khan Zehri is currently Pakistan's Federal Minister for Postal Services. He hails from Jhalawan, Balochistan and is president of Balochistan National Party Awami. He became a member of the Senate of Pakistan in March 2006, with his term set to expire in 2012.

Zehri is a tribal leader, and has come under spotlight and heavy criticism both inside and outside Pakistan for openly supporting the traditional tribal practice of 'honor killing', but in a distorted vague manner. In August 2008, a report of the Asian Human Rights Commission alleged that five women (including three teenagers) in a remote village in Balochistan had been beaten, shot and buried alive in a ditch for the 'crime' of having wished to choose their own husbands. After human rights activists brought the case to national and international attention, Zehri defended the killings in Parliament and asked his fellow legislators not to make a fuss about the incident. He said, "These are centuries-old traditions, and I will continue to defend them. Only those who indulge in immoral acts should be afraid." It is a fact that honour killing is widely practiced in all over Pakistan and Baluchistan but Baluch traditions do not allow to burry anyone alive.

Israr Zehri did a blunder here and he played down the Baluch traditions. Similarly, in 1991 Israrullah Zahri backed the live burial of his own grandmother. Israrullah Zehri backed his elder brother Sanaullah Zehri to kill their eldest brother Rasool Bakhsh Zehri at the home of Nabi Bakhsh Zehri in Quetta in around 1990.

Beside this he is accused of many murders of his political opponents and peasants belonging to his own tribe. Like his brother he was responsible for the division of Balochistan National Party. He was in BNP and used to shout slogans in favor of Sardar Akther Mengal, but after the nuclear tests in Balochistan, Akther Mengal showed anger towards federal government and protested against the tests without taking him into confidence, though Akhtar Mengals protest started a bit too late because the damage had already been done, as chief Minister of Baluchistan he could have prevented it from happening but unfortunately, he chose to remain silent until the blast were actually carried out. After the atomic explosion on Baloch soil Amanullah Shahdainzai in one his columns even alleged that Akhtar Mengal drove Nawaz Sharif to the site of nuclear tests.

As a result the Pakistani establishment sought to punish Akther Mengal and used his puppet Israr to play his role and break BNP, and so BNP AWAMI took birth. Akther mengal lost his government and became the barb of ISI’s eyes.

Israrullah Zehri owns around 50,000 acres of agricultural lands worth several billions of rupees, mostly in Balochistan. The Zehri brothers (Israrullah Zehri, Sanaullah Zehri and Zafarullah Zehri) are selling Baluch tribal lands as their own to private properties and to military for building cantonments in Khuzdar.

Zafar Zehri: Zafar Zheri is currently the Home Minister of Baluchistan, the same seat that Shoaib Nausherwani enjoyed once. He has become the most hated person in Baluchistan after announcing head money for the arrest of some already Baluch disappeared persons in early 2010. On several occasion he guaranteed that the Baluch disappeared persons will be released and reunite with their families but nothing happened. When Abdul Ghafar Langove was arrested he promised to his family that Mr.Ghaffar will be found and released within 24 hours but a almost a year has passed and Mr. Ghaffar along with thousands of Baluch sons are still missing. Baluch families are protesting in front of Quetta press, Mr Zafar as the Home Minister of Baluchistan doesn’t even bother to pay a visit to the protest camps.