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Pakistan army and its civilian death squads: How they are Governing Occupied Balochistan?

Balochistan was forcefully annexed by Pakistan in March 1948 against the will of the Baloch people. As a result five armed insurgencies were witnessed against the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan. The fifth and the longest continued insurgency started in 2001 which has intensified in 2005 when Pakistan Air Forces (PAF) bombed several areas of Balochistan and killed innocent women and children. In any war the victims has always been unarmed civilians so is the case in Balochistan.

Pakistan has a notorious track record of committing genocide, mass murder, collective punishment and ruthless operations against any community/nation asking for its rights which are snatched by the fascist state. History remembers Pakistan of committing a mass genocide of Bengalis where estimated 3 million people were massacred in a record 6 months period. Around 400,000 Bengali Women were raped by the Islamic Army of Pakistan.  In Balochistan 15000 Marri tribesmen were killed and others were sent in exile after the insurgency of 1973. In 1992-1998 operation some 15000 Urdu speaking Muhajirs were killed by the same Pakistani army with the help and approval of dominant Punjabi elite, in Karachi.

This fame of atrocities of Pakistan taught a new lesson to the military establishment of committing selective genocide instead of mass genocide. This time when Baloch raised voice of their right to self-determination and independence of Baloch occupied state, Pakistani establishment and intelligence agencies adopted the new strategy of forced disappearances, and kill and dump policy. Under this policy they torture these victims in secret torture cells and after acquiring information or finding the victim irrelevant they are killed and bodies are dumped on desolate mountains or empty city roads, bearing the scars of great cruelty. They all killed in similar fashion; their arms and legs are snapped; faces are bruised and swollen. Flesh is sliced with knives or punctured with drills; genitals are singed with electric prods. In some cases the bodies are unrecognizable, sprinkled with lime or chewed by wild animals. All have a gunshot wound in the head and upper torso.

In last 15 months more than 350 such bodies of Baloch students, political activists and intellectuals (Journalists, poets, teachers, doctors, lawyers and social activists) have been found who were earlier picked up by Pakistan’s Para military forces operating under the name of Frontier constabulary (FC).

Torture and mutilation of bodies dead and alive is more problematic, if only because it is odious to civilized society. Throughout the years, those cultures which have "seen the light" have been horrified by the desecration of bodies committed by barbarians of other cultures. We think of the Nazis in World War II who justified torture and mutilation of live bodies for "scientific" purposes. The communists in Russia, especially under Stalin, committed similar atrocities on ethnic groups. The Khmer Rouge beheaded and chopped the limbs from innocent people and left them by the thousands in the killing fields of Cambodia. European tribes beheaded their foes posting the heads along roads or at the town gates as a grisly warning to those who would oppose them. The Catholic Church in Europe, especially Spain, during the Inquisition tortured and mutilated those who it thought were possessed by the devil or those it simply wanted to get rid of for political reasons.

The international human rights organizations like Amnesty international, Asian human rights commission, etc raised their concerns over such incidents, which triggered an alarm among the Pakistan intelligence agencies and as a result they started operating using fake names to deceive the world. Many armed organization such as Musalah Defah tanzeem, Sipa-e-Shudah-e-Balochistan and Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e Aman Balochistan have been formed using their agents like Shafique Mengal, Siraj Raisani, Kohi Khan Mengal, Imam Bheel, (who is also the sole financier of NP, a Pro-Pakistan Political Party), Atta ur Rehman Mengal etc. These organizations recruit the religious extremists, thugs, criminals and drug dealers as mercenaries, and in return get incentives and license to rob on highways, attack NATO supplies, smuggle drug from afghan border to anywhere in country and kidnap for ransom.

Ghulam Qadir Massori hand in had with Major Saleem Nawaz, Killer of Baloch people
Pakistani intelligence agencies has a vast experience of establishing and controlling such underground groups, which were used in different parts of the world, some of such organization which took birth from the womb of ISI and their area of operation are as follows:
Name of Organization
Area of Activity
Al Shams
East Pakistan ( now Bangladesh)

Al Badar
East Pakistan ( now Bangladesh)


Mullah Umer
Indian Kashmir

Indian Kashmir

Indian Kashmir
Moulana Azhar Masood
All over Pakistan (target is Shia Sect of Islam)
Maulana Tariq Azam
All over Pakistan (target is Shia Sect of Islam)

Sipa-e-Shudah-e Balochistan
Balochistan: targets pro-freedom Baloch students, Political workers and Journalists
Shafique Mengal S/O Senator Naseer Mengal
Baloch Musalah Defah Tanzeem
Balochistan: targets Baloch students, Political workers and Journalists
Atta-ur-Rehman Mengal and Kohi Khan Mengal
Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e Aman Balochistan
Balochistan: targets Baloch students, Political workers and Journalists
Nawabzada Siraj Khan Raisani, Imam Bheel and Mullah Barkat (Operate in Makuran Region)
Bugti Aman Force
Dera Bugti Balochistan, working against the loyalists of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti
Ghulam Qadir Massori Bugti
Bijrani Marri Levis Force
Kohlu and Chamalang areas of Balochistan
Mir Hazar Khan Ramkhani
In war or armed conflicts, truth is the first casualty. Who is abducting the Baloch people and dumping their mutilated tortured bodies remains a mystery to the military and Pakistani media. The stunning lack of interest in Balochistan's greatest murder mystery shows the resolve of the government and the military in solving Balochistan issue. The mighty military men disown involvement of intelligence agencies in committing such barbaric acts at least in front of the media while in gathering of personal nature they openly claim how they are inflicting miseries on the Baloch people. The Wild West mindset did not got them anywhere in Bangladesh and surely the same strategy will get them nowhere in Balochistan.

Siraaj Raisani with his private Militia 
The country's powerful military and its unaccountable intelligence gang of sadistic serial killers are running the barbaric show in Baluchistan. Everyday a new headline is made of the latest victim of these sadistic serial killers. Gen Javed Zia in his press conference made a remarkable statement, that `patriotic elements` had hit back against Baloch insurgents and those involved in desecrating the Pakistani flag. The so called “Patriotic Elements” are the creation of intelligence agencies that are also spotted around roaming in cities with their private militias in non tax paid smuggled vehicles with jet black tinted glasses.

No one dares to raise the question that how come the victims of enforced disappearances who were arrested by FC and Police in broad day light in front of dozen of witnesses or at least the family members of the victim get transferred to the Hands of these so-called “Patriotic Elements”.

Siraaj Raisani, Leader of Nefaaz-Aman-Balochistan
Recently Nawabsada Siraj Khan Raisani’s Tehreek-e-Nifaz-Aman Balochistan claimed that they are have thirty people from Chamalang their custody who were two day prior arrested by FC in Chamalang after an operation. Similarly, this criminal group has claimed that they are holding 15 people from Dera Bugti, these fifteen people were also arrested by Pakistan Para-military forces during an offensive operation from different regions of Sui and Dera Bugti.  If these criminals gangs are not the civilian death squad of Pakistan Army than how come these people arrested by Para-Military (FC) are now in Mastung in Siraj Raisani’s Torture cells.

In addition, the Musallah Defa Tanzeem and Nefaaz-e-Aman have recently released a list of at least 35 Journalists from Balochistan and warned them to stop writing about Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan; otherwise they will be killed one after other. Prior to the issuing of this list the Nefaaz-Aman-Balochistan had threatened to kill Journalist and writer Abdul Hafeez aka Hafeez Hasanabadi. They had also said that the Organisation would kill his family members in most gruesome way by inflicting brutal agony on them. Ironically, the Criminal group quoted Ahmar Mustikan a, US biased blogger and self-proclaimed journalist, to back their accusations against Mr Hafeez. It is not yet clear whether Ahmar has any affiliations with this killer group or they just took advantage of Ahmar’s anti Hafeez propagandas.
Samad Tagrani, the finance secretary of Baloch National Movement getting arrested by local Policemen and Intelligence agencies from Hub town, his dead tortured marked body was found at Windar town of Balochistan

Similarly this picture shows the Samad Tagrani, the finance secretary of Baloch National Movement getting arrested by local Policemen and Intelligence agencies from Hub town, his dead tortured marked body was found at Windar near an army garrison but the responsibility of his murder was taken Baloch Musalah Defah Tanzeem which according to Gen Javed Zia is a “Patriotic Group” Hitting the Balochs.

There are dozens of such incidents where local Police authorities picked up victims, or FC picked up a victim in a Raid and later their bodies were found with confession letters from the so-called Patriotic Groups.
The same bloody game is being repeated again, the same strategy is being adopted again and the same tools of death has been used again to deter what the army thinks as an insurgency. The number of killings and deaths will lead to more people joining the ranks of the Baloch freedom fighters in order to take revenge of the atrocities committed to them or their family members by the military establishment. At the moment it seems that there will be no end to this sorry saga of executions in Balochistan.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kharotabad: A Taliban safe haven

People in Kharotabad are living in constant fear of possible drone attacks in their neighbourhood, considering that over the past six months, the Afghan and local Taliban seemed to covet this part of Quetta as a veritable ‘vacation spot’.
Every four months, Taliban fighters return from war fronts in Afghanistan and rent out dozens of residential accommodations in this vicinity, The Express Tribune has learnt.
Their presence is becoming a major concern for people living in adjoining areas, especially because this is the same area where the US alleges the Quetta Shura is hiding out.
A few madrassahs in Kharotabad are also providing ‘free’ accommodation to these militants.
They move freely as if to defy invisible observers, who they think are keeping a watch over them, making it obvious to them that Kharotabad is a safe haven for the Taliban.
Creating an army
Students from religious seminaries in the province are being recruited for the Afghan Taliban movement, a dime a dozen. They are reportedly ‘trained for jihad’ in Afghanistan by Afghan ‘commanders’, before they are sent on designated terror missions.
At least six to eight new, unarmed recruits leave Kuchlak Bazar, located near Quetta, on brand new 75CC motorbikes every morning, headed towards Afghanistan.
They are, it is learnt, told to avoid travelling on main highways to dodge security forces and instead take lesser known mountainous routes via Kuchlak to Qamar Din Karez town on the Pak-Afghan border.
They also avoid travelling in groups – two persons per motorbike. They are also given Rs5,000 each, in addition to sufficient money for fuel.
A majority of these boys join Taliban with their parent’s consent, while many others embark on this ‘holy mission’ without the knowledge of their guardians.
The ideology faction of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI), led by MNA Maulana Esmatullah and his party members, is a motivating force for these young students of Balochistan.
Mullah Omar’s messages to people in Pakistan and other parts of the world are also sent through Kandahar to Quetta.
Free medical care for war-wounded Taliban
The Afghan and local Taliban who are wounded during their missions in Afghanistan, are reportedly receiving free medical treatment at five prominent private hospitals, a majority of which are situated on the Airport Road.
The administration at these hospitals told The Express Tribune that an international NGO of world repute, funds their medical care.”We are being paid by this NGO for the medical care being provided to the wounded or sick Taliban militants,” the administrator at Dr Abdul Khaliq Memorial Hospital alleged.
The NGO does not allow the police or intelligence agencies access to these “under-treatment” Taliban. The NGO puts up a ‘don’t know’ front “We have not set up any field hospitals in Balochistan to provide medical assistance to the Afghan Taliban or other militants,” the NGO’s head of sub-delegation told The Express Tribune.
However, he said, the NGO is supporting three private hospitals in Quetta for providing medical assistance to wounded people. “Doctors at Ikram Hospital and Imdad Hospital are providing medical assistance to people injured in bomb blasts, firing incidents and other forms of violence.”
Hundreds of patients, mostly Afghans, receive treatment at these private hospitals in the provincial capital, he added.
Published in The Express Tribune, October 17th, 2011.

BBC Documentary: Secret Pakistan a Story of Double Game

Taliban fighters

Pakistan has been accused of playing a double game, acting as America's ally in public while secretly training and arming its enemy in Afghanistan according to US intelligence.
In a prison cell on the outskirts of Kabul, the Afghan Intelligence Service is holding a young man who alleges he was recruited earlier this year by Pakistan's powerful military intelligence agency, the ISI.
He says he was trained to be a suicide bomber in the Taliban's intensifying military campaign against the Western coalition forces - and preparations for his mission were overseen by an ISI officer in a camp in Pakistan.
After 15 days training, he was sent into Afghanistan.

Start Quote

Bruce Riedel
In Afghanistan we saw an insurgency that was not only getting passive support from the Pakistani army and the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI, but getting active support”
End Quote Bruce Riedel Adviser to President Obama in 2009
"There were three of us. We were put into a black vehicle with black windows. The police did not stop the car because it was obviously ISI. No-one dares stop their cars. They told me... you will receive your explosive waistcoat, and then go and explode it."
Taliban bases in Pakistan
The man recruited to be a suicide bomber changed his mind at the last minute and was later captured by the Afghan intelligence service.
But his story is consistent with a mass of intelligence which has convinced the Americans that, as they suspected, for the last decade Pakistan has been secretly arming and supporting the Taliban in its attempt to regain control of Afghanistan.
These suspicions started as early as 2002, when the Taliban began launching attacks across the border from their bases in Pakistan, but they became more widely held after 2006 when the Taliban's assault increased in its ferocity, not least against the ill-prepared British forces in Helmand province.
The final turning point in American eyes was the attack on Mumbai when 10 gunmen rampaged through the Indian city, killing 170 people - two weeks after Barack Obama's US presidential election victory in November 2008.
Despite Pakistan claiming it played no part in the attack, the CIA later received intelligence that it said showed the ISI were directly involved in training the Mumbai gunmen.
President Obama ordered a review of all intelligence on the region by a veteran CIA officer, Bruce Riedel.
Taliban commander Najib says he was trained by Pakistan military intelligence
"Our own intelligence was unequivocal," says Riedel. "In Afghanistan we saw an insurgency that was not only getting passive support from the Pakistani army and the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI, but getting active support."
Training and supplies
Pakistan has repeatedly denied the claims. But the BBC documentary series Secret Pakistan has spoken to a number of middle-ranking - and still active - Taliban commanders who provide detailed evidence of how the Pakistan ISI has rebuilt, trained and supported the Taliban throughout its war on the US in Afghanistan.
"For a fighter there are two important things - supplies and a place to hide," said one Taliban commander, who fights under the name Mullah Qaseem. "Pakistan plays a significant role. First they support us by providing a place to hide which is really important. Secondly, they provide us with weapons."
Another commander, Najib, says: "Because Obama put more troops into Afghanistan and increased operations here, so Pakistan's support for us increased as well."
He says his militia received a supply truck with "500 landmines with remote controls, 20 rocket-propelled grenade launchers with 2000 to 3000 grenades... AK-47s, machine-guns and rockets".
Pakistani military
Evidence of Pakistan's support for the Taliban is also plain to see at the border where insurgents are allowed to cross at will, or even helped to evade US patrols.
And the recent drone attacks in Pakistan have become increasingly effective as intelligence has been withheld from the Pakistanis, claims Mr Riedel.
"At the beginning of the drone operations, we gave Pakistan an advance tip-off of where we were going, and every single time the target wasn't there anymore. You didn't have to be Sherlock Holmes to put the dots together."
Osama Bin Laden's capture and killing followed this same model - the Americans acting on their own, to the humiliation of Pakistan. Trust between the two supposed allies has never been lower.


Taliban fighters
  • Secret Pakistan is on BBC Two on Wed 26 Oct and Wed 2 Nov at 21:00 (UK time)
  • Watch afterwards via iPlayer (UK only)
Bin Laden was the reason America had attacked Afghanistan and overthrown the Taliban who had always refused to hand him over. His death has removed a major obstacle to peace.
Peace talks
But those who claim that Pakistan's hidden hand has shaped the conflict fear the same is now true of the negotiations for peace. Last year, in the Pakistani city of Karachi, Mullah Baradar, the Taliban's second-in-command, was captured by the ISI.
Secretly, Baradar had made contact with the Afghan government to discuss a deal that would end the war. He had done so without the ISI's permission and he was detained "to bring him back under control" according to one British diplomat.
More recently, Hawa Nooristani, a member of Afghanistan's High Peace Council, says she was called to a secret meeting.
Waiting for her was a commander from the most lethal faction of the Taliban, the Haqqani network, which first brought suicide bombing to Afghanistan. To her astonishment he said he wanted peace talks.
"He said it was vital Pakistan intelligence knew nothing of the meeting. He said not to disclose it because Pakistan does not want peace with Afghanistan and even now they are training new Taliban units.
"He was also scared that the Pakistanis will arrest him because he lives in Pakistan and he said it would be easy for them to arrest him."
Former Afghan President Rabbani Talks with the Taliban collapsed after the killing of former President Rabbani
The Afghan government began peace talks with the Taliban but these were abandoned after its chief negotiator, former President Rabbani, was killed by a suicide bomber purporting to be a Taliban envoy.
Any future peace will have to be concluded with Pakistan President Karzai has since declared
To American policy advisers like Bruce Riedel, the message is clear:
"The ISI may not be able to deliver the Taliban to the negotiating table, but they can certainly spoil any negotiations process. So far, there's very little sign, that I've seen, that Pakistan is interested in a political deal."
While denying links to the Taliban, Pakistan insists that it is doing no more than what any country would do in similar circumstances.
"We cannot disregard our long term interest because this is our own area," said General Athar Abbas, chief spokesman for Pakistan's military.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during a recent visit to Pakistan: "The Pakistanis have a role to play, they can either be helpful, indifferent or harmful."
But there are those like Mr Riedel who fear that the forces unleashed in 10 years of war may yet come to haunt the whole world:
"There is probably no worse nightmare, for America, for Europe, for the world, in the 21st Century than if Pakistan gets out of control under the influence of extremist Islamic forces, armed with nuclear weapons...The stakes here are huge."
What happens in Pakistan may yet be the most enduring legacy of 9/11 and the hunt for Bin Laden.

Part 1/6

Part 2/6

Part 3/6

Part 4/6

Part 5/6

Part 6/6

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Parody: What Knowledge I Have?

Hasil Bizenjo:
My father's footsteps is what I follow, I am my father's image so No Comments on that. I am not going to shout for freedom after all we are businessman and we can’t share our profits with anybody without paying any interest.

Abdul Hayee:
I want my Baloch nation to understand that now i am at my last stage of life and it’s impossible for me to cry for freedom, i hope to get my due share from NP as soon as possible.

Dr Malik:

I Don’t understand what is Nationalism, in my dictionary it states to do what is best for yourself and question your nation over it & Allahmdullah I do that with many tricks up my sleeve. I and my Party members are Baloch nationalist but we have our interest as our first priority the rest come later.

Asad Baloch: 

The smell of Fresh lemonade air of parliament gives me strength to shout for the rights of my nation, but due to my impotence i am always at the back of the stage where my cry doesnt reach the ears of those responsible. Hope to serve my nation another 5 years.

Aslam Raisani: 
Slavery is another form of freedom Baloch nation has to realize that they should form another agenda and work towards their progress within the platform of Pakistan and leave those handful thugs who ask for your freedom while you have full freedom but you have to limit yourself under Punjabi rule.

Zafarullah Jamali: 
Musharraf is needed in these times, we lost our assets like Shaukat Aziz & Musharraf both of them were in good favor of Balochistan and were good friends of mine hope to see Chaudhry Shujaat soon elected as the prime minister, PML Q is the only party which favored the military operation in Balochistan to finish those thugs disguise as freedom fighters of Balochistan.

Khan Kalat: 
The one that has no knowledge of my ancestor calls me Suleiman Dawood while other notable Baloch call me His Highness, the sound of this I like the much. I don’t care if the rights of Baloch nation are given to them or not but I should be called His Highness whenever I am at the center of discussions. The other thing is that my nation should understand it is not so easy to walk in ICJ (International Court of Justice), it will approximately take many years for me to walk inside that building and for these years Baloch nation should hold back.

Lashkari Raisani: 
I have written my resignation letter and fax it to President Asif Ali Zardari if the appropriate action are not taken then I will move away from the party, next day I have an appointment with Asif Ali Zardari and I assure you that I will bring positive news to you.

Liaquat Baloch: 
Asking United States for our rights lead us to Kufr, Pakistan is for all of us and mostly it is for those who have a big tummy to consume large American dollars. Balochistan is under turmoil because of foreign elements mostly America, India & Isreal, Pakistan is the innocent little child in a game of deception played by these beasts. Baloch nation are patriotic Pakistan "Although I believe that they hate Pakistan mostly".

Governor Magsi: 
Out of Curiosity I sometime become a nationalist by exclaiming for rights of Baloch nation and when I get to much surprises at the same time I cancel those entire previous one with a new and refurbished statement, but I promise that Balochistan will receives it rights but accompanying with some flexible projects for the advancement of Punjab.

Munir Mengal: 
Deception is what I do best, even I fooled Musharraf who has always thought himself as a smart ass and I turned him into a jack ass, my nation they are like cattle’s (lead them to their doom and they will follow behind), I said that I am the spokesman of Brahamdagh and they took it seriously, I enjoyed the show & drama in the Bangkok Conference while the guest were unknown to the fact that this conference is held under ISI's policies, I am the clever fox now a days, I don’t play with old school methods.

Sanaullah Baloch: 
I must have the sheer knowledge of working under UN's stressful council session, I have the full knowledge of UN charter and i am the only Intellectual to know about the word "Self-Determination" while the rest are confused in their theories of misconception.

Tahir Bizenjo: 
Confusing it seems but I don’t like to shout on any of nation's interest, for me the mutilated bodies don’t count I will say that "As you sow so shall you reap ", Stop crying for freedom and you won’t be killed.

Dr Wahid (BSO-NA): 

For sometime I enjoyed being the center of discussion it doesn’t matter if they were abusing me, I always wanted to be the celebrity, while mostly I am jealous with Nawab Khair Bux Marri and Balach Marri's fame but I assume that I can play my cards well too.

Sana Ullah Zehri: 
Pakistan Muslim League has promised to give the rights of Balochistan to them, they don’t just promise but they mandate with their promise not like Rehman Malik, if I was to be elected Chief Minister then I assure you that "No Brother will Kill another Brother" I have full experience on it.

Imam Bill: 

National Party's Political objective is to serve the people through life taking drugs and I am with them on National interest to spread drug addiction in whole Balochistan to mobilize the Drug dealers is what we aim to do, hope our nation helps us to achieve our goals by electing National Party.

Changaiz Marri

All I know is that my father is the main obstacle between me and the immense wealth hidden in the shape of Natural resources in Kahan, and that in order to get wealthy I need to get rid of my Father and Brothers, and bow my head in front of Mr Nawaz Sharif.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Raisani threatens Political opponents: I am coming after you before you pursue me

Quetta: Chief of Sarawaan chief minister of Balochistan Nawab Raisani said that Balochistan situation being deteriorate intentionally to push Baloch nation toward civil chaos. While talking to NNI, he said “Balochistan is my homeland, because my forefathers belong to this land and Pakistan is my home because within its framework we will get our constitutional right. If all are going on the path of destruction, I will not be a silent spectator to all this.”

He further said that the settlers living in Balochistan are our brothers; they have been serving this province for several decades. They have brightened the Educational institutes with the light of knowledge but instead they are being humiliated and corpses are being sent to their homes. He said I would ask these people to stop destroying the Baloch and I urge the Baloch Nation to question those who are determined to destroy Baloch traditions before the world.

Those who are targeting innocent people I don’t consider them Baloch and if anyone doesn’t consider me Baloch; I don’t need a certificate of being Baloch from such miserable people’s University.  Some so called Nationalists and terrorists who kill innocent people are creating hatred in Baloch populated areas hence they pushing Balochistan towards a civil war. These people are also threatening me and my family.  

The Chief Minister said he know very well who were behind deteriorating the situation from Sub-district Bhag to Kolpur and Kalat and Khuzdar and “I want to tell them clearly that I am coming after you before you peruse me”.

He said today also he was following the philosophy of Mir Ghaus Bux Bezinjo because he had said that “Pakistan is our country and we all have struggle for our constitutional rights within Pakistan”. Mir Ghaus Bezinjo had also said that if Pakistan breaks apart then we’ll kill and destroy each other because we Baloch do not tolerate each other, Mr Raisani was quoted as saying by Daily Intekhab Urdu News paper.  

The Chief Minister said that “even today I am struggling for the right of oppressed nationalities and for a stronger Pakistan in accordance with 1940 resolution.  I still demand for a new social agreement to give rights to the people of all units and I ask Baloch, Pashtun, Punjabis, Sindhis and all other nations dwelling in the country to stand up to killers and terrorists who are busy conspiring to weaken the roots of this country for their evil purposes”.